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Natural Gas Exports: ‘Whats the Rush?’ Asks Dow

HRN has long recommended that more natural gas be used in the U.S. and Canadian energy mix in order to take advantage of this abundant low cost burning fuel domestically before exporting these benefits overseas to countries that have totally embraced expanded usage of natural gas in transportation and power generation. In the U.S., the abundance of natural gas can play a major role in energy independence or at a minimum reducing the amount of oil imported from OPEC.

Peter Gardett covers the topic in his article “Natural Gas Exports:’What’s the rush?’ Asks Dow. An article worth reading.

Natural Gas Exports: ‘Whats the Rush?’ Asks Dow

The debate over natural gas exports from the US has broken out of the energy sector and begun to raise temperatures across the political spectrum, with a high profile Congressional hearing  this week underlining the stakes at play in a Department of Energy policy decision on the economic standing of natural gas export projects.

Despite being painted as absolutely opposed to exports of domestically produced natural gas and its position as a leader in the manufacturing sector’s opposition to unrestricted approval of export projects, Dow Chemical actually favors exports to free trade partners but is concerned about the impacts of unchecked exports to non free trade countries, the company’s Vice President for Government and Public Affairs Kevin Kolevar told AOL Energy in a recent briefing. Contine to full story.

T. Boone Pickens Statement on President Obama’s State of the Union Address

“In his remarks in the State of the Union address, President Barack Obama again called for a national focus on developing a long-term energy plan for America. I agree we should use every available American resource. I applaud President Obama for highlighting natural gas and for calling on Congress to better promote its use.

“The expanded use of natural gas in America – in power generation and transportation – has enormous bipartisan support in the Congress and in the states. It is time to move from vague generalities to specifics on how we make this transition happen. I am confident that President Obama, as well as all the candidates for President, will lay out detailed plans on how they intend to achieve it.

“We cannot solve the OPEC dependency crisis without a focus on transportation. It is two-thirds of all oil use. Oil is not a major player in the production of electricity so creating more energy from natural gas, hydro, wind, solar or nuclear will not have a major impact on our dependence on OPEC for our oil. Finding a substitute for oil as a major transportation fuel will.

“We have massive amounts of natural gas reserves in the United States and we should immediately move to better utilize it. As a White House report on rebuilding our economy states, natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels.

“America does not have a natural gas production problem – we are awash in natural gas. What we have is a demand problem and unless we bring both sides of the equation in balance, we will see this cleaner, cheaper, abundant, domestic resource exported in greater and greater quantities.

“I hope the President and the Congress will call on American ingenuity and creativity to utilize all of our domestic resources. America is blessed with having the cheapest energy in the world right now. It is that cheap energy – including coal, oil and natural gas – that will not only fuel our factories, cars, and trucks, but will fuel the resurgence of manufacturing in America, while creating solid, well-paying, and permanent jobs.”

Source: The Pickens’ Plan

T. Boone Pickens updates energy plan for US energy indendence and security

Yesterday, Mr. T. Boone Pickens updated his “Pickens’ Plan” white board presentation. He first presented this presentation on July 8, 2008 with one goal in mind – to reduce US dependence on foreign oil. You can view the update on hit site here.

Mr. Pickens continues to try to hammer home to Americans that they use 21 million barrels of oil a day — about a quarter of what is being produced worldwide — with 13 million barrels a day coming from foreign sources – and 5 million barrels a day comes from the Middle East and OPEC.

“That’s my target. I want to get rid of this, because I think we’re importing oil from the enemy. We’re paying for both sides of the war when we’re buying OPEC oil. This is not smart.” – T. Boone Pickens

If the average American was aware and understood the financial consequences of their addicition to oil, most would make changes. Unfortunately, too many Americans think there is an endless supply available, and rarely stop to think of the economic, financial and human cost to buying hundreds of billions of dollars from those countries that are in conflict with the US.

Furthermore, America is in a real bind here. With the BP oil disaster public opinion of offshore drilling has fallen; Certain US politicians dont want oil from the Alberta oil sands (note: Canada – not the middle east – is the largest supplier of oil to the US by a long shot. Another fact that the average American does not comprehend); and Certain groups are opposed to shale gas drilling; They dont want nuclear power plants. So where’s the energy going to come from to drive the US economy and maintain a decent standard of living?

The US needs to get a serious energy plan in place and should do so in a join effort with the rest of North America creating a secure continental energy program. If you have not already… click here and watch T.Boone Pickens.

Website: The Pickens’ Plan;  Website: The BlueBridge Plan