Shale gas top Obama agenda in Poland

President Barack Obama waves as he arrives at College Green in Dublin May 23, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Stefan Wermuth

When President Obama visits Poland this coming Saturday, the huge potential of Poland’s shale gas reserves to make it more energy independent and have significant geopolitical and economic impact is at the top of President Obamas agenda.

Both Exxon Mobil and Chevron are leading exploration and development efforts to tap Poland’s shale gas reserves, that some experts believe are the biggest in Europe at 5.3 trillion cubic meters. Such a massive amount of natural gas would have huge geopolitical and economic impact to Poland who is dependent on Russia for natural gas.

Perhaps Obama’s eagerness to see American companies develop shale gas assets should be followed up with a more firm position in supporting futher development, and increased usage of natural gas in the U.S.

Horn River News: Natural gas to bring about far reaching geopolitical changes (Sept 2010)
Horn River News: Polish shale gas to decrease dependence on Russian gas (April 2010)

MORE: Reuters: Missile defense, shale gas top Obama agenda in Poland

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