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Given the magnitude of the project, omitting it would be false economy. They just don’t look or feel natural enough to me. This is the type of fungus or mold that appears like cottony fuzz on the wood surface, not embedded in the wood itself. Cost was 90/ box looking to get 65/box or 1000$ for the lot. On how the shingles rot prematurely when in contact with ty-vek wrap. (Shingle appears concave when in place before nailing.) I think I may not have specified the nature of the curl problem adequately. (“Maibec”), a Quebec company.

I’m wondering if those familiar with both painted and stained products have a preference? But once the summer and fall off causing a one roof. The upgrade included the acquisition of high-tech, high-performance equipment that maibec says will enable it to optimize the use of resources while increasing agility in manufacturing value-added products for customers and improving overall productivity in a sustainable manner. The mill is about two years into its ownership by Maibec, a family-owned lumber company that purchased the sawmill from Fraser Timber. This is an older project of ours which makes it difficult to remember all the details of the design. clapboard on my house. (“Maibec”), a Quebec company.

At two year mark for some now. Photo courtesy of Monmouth Custom Builders. You might have to apply another coat in 5 to 10 years. The Handi pail looks like it would take up to a 6″? Thanks in advance!!! Most of the other Maibec colors don’t seem to have the same variation as Seacoast Gray. Where I practice in Maine, eastern white cedar can be locally sourced, and the shingles are the perfect materials for blending into our rugged surroundings.

– *Note: many applications of Shou Sugi Ban exterior siding do not require an oil finish. Oriented towards the development of four business sectors which are cedar shingles, sidings, lumber and cedar mulch, we bring charm and durability to home… The sale price was not disclosed. Hi, what an elegant house. The roof shingles are Architectural GAF Timberline Weathered Wood. Frankly, they drive me crazy sometimes. It’s looking great, but I have a layout question I hope you can answer.

I’m including photos of the exterior which will be shingled in white cedar shingles dipped in a maibec H2BO weathering stain to turn a weathered silver gray. Maibec wood siding matches the existing home and garage, making this building fit perfectly onto the property. Buliding professionals weigh in, please. There was no question that we would use unpainted white eastern cedar shingles, as architect Brainerd Jones described in his plans. The owner asked if white was better than red cedar. We do custom wainscoting, built-ins, mantels, libraries, ceilings, archways, moldings, decorative columns, and much more. entry features cast metal period style lanterns, a mahogany arched door entry, double-dipped Maibec Wood Shingles, Azek trim and Marvin Windows.

Work collectively with sales representatives, drivers and other handlers with Woburn and other Northern New England locations. standard cedar clapboards, untreated. They had very little exterior ornamentation and were covered with shingles or lap siding that weathered and grayed with time. Now one week later Maibec industry announced toady the closure of it’s cedar shingle mill. As mentioned, gambrel roofs can be found in this style. Liz strives to create traditional homes with historic character and charm that accommodate her client’s lifestyle, incorporating modern function and comfort. Our designs grow through talking to each client, finding out what you have in your imagination, and how your property is used.

A typical structure like this has many different variables contributing to the cost. In your answers, you state a few times that these shingles are dipped in cabot bleaching oil. Tear-downs had become standard in the area, but the house was in excellent condition and had a lovely recent kitchen. THE Exterior Siding Material of the Northeast: Eastern / Northern White Cedar Shingles. First steps: Closely inspect the exterior of your home, checking for signs of damage to the paint and siding. Thanks Tom and aframe….you guys are on the same page we won’t be siding for a bit… I am trying to decide if I want a soft gloss or a little less shine for my garage doors.

Gallagher Homburger & Gonzalez, Architects PLLC is a design-oriented architectural firm with expertise in various building types. Spoke to Maibec they said pre-dipped only last 3-5 years. Attached is a pic of the house we are building (the dark brown home) I’m not sure if I want to this this exact exterior, although I do like it. Does anyone know the difference between White Cedar and Red Cedar in terms of durability, color, sustainability? spinoff to siding post: can i see pics of your siding please? Join the 2014 Builder of the Year!