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5.Because many surgeries can cause pain, we use multimodal analgesia(pain-killing) techniques. Her special interests include dogs, reptiles (with bearded dragons being a favorite), and assisting in surgery. I strongly recommend this place for those who have the chance to get an appointment here. The job was more of a wildlife biologist position than a herpetological one but I still fit in herps whenever I could. In the meantime, clean the tissue and keep it moist until your appointment. This service is for veterinarians, not for owners, to discuss their pets with the herp vets employed by the lab. Some parasites, like coccidia, are easy to contract and might not show obvious signs until they have affected the whole collection.

Also, make sure that you can provide your vet with the temperature range in the tank’s water, the ambient air temperature, the temperature under the focal basking hot spot, the method of filtration you use for the tank’s water, the diet you offer, any supplements that you use, any water conditioners that you use when you change the water, as well as any other pertinent information that you might have regarding your slider. This is especially important when treating smaller patients when time is of the essence. I hope that you can find a way to procure the money necessary for a veterinary visit. While it would seem that reproduction is a natural event, without correct circumstances, such as a balanced diet and a suitable environment for egg-laying, eggs may not develop normally or be laid in a timely manner. Saturdays – 8.30 am – 1.00 pm Sundays and bank holidays – no routine phone calls are normally accepted, and you should not leave messages during these hours. There are many diseases that can cause these same signs. Definatly go to Dr.Doolen in Ocean twp at Oakhurst Vet.

Wissman, DVM, DABVP has been an avian/exotic/herp animal veterinarian since 1981. Need a Herp Vet? Look for DVMs who appear to maintain actual veterinary offices that you could contact. Wissman, DVM, DABVP has been an avian/exotic/herp animal veterinarian since 1981. Need a Herp Vet? But, if your ball python ate a normal rodent without incident, then that should also not be an issue. It could be too many things.

Please take a few minutes to go through the archived questions to learn more about ball python care. You will notice right away, it is a stand-alone hospital, purpose-built and designed by Dr. Look for DVMs who appear to maintain actual veterinary offices that you could contact. This service is vet to vet only, and not set up for pet owners to speak with a consultant regarding their herps. Optimally, do not handle new acquisitions and existing animals in the same day. If you feel that you must supplement his caloric intake, make sure that you don’t injure the gecko trying to force-feed it. Our goal is to have the finest hospital in the area.

Vitamin supplements are available if you can’t locate a veterinarian who can help you. Make sure that you are providing a full-spectrum light with UVB. I understand your concern about the stress of the trip being detrimental to his health, but if you keep him warm and in a dark carrier for transport, that shouldn’t stress him out. In your opinion, is there anything that can be done for it, or will it just have to continue to heal as is? I’m not recommending you go out and find some beta carotene to administer to your lizard. Please contact us at (619) 660-6767 for all your pet health care needs. Also, it is common to have the eye stained with fluorescein to determine if there are any ulcers present on the cornea.

Call your herp vet and set up an appointment. Our veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other pet-friendly personnel are trained to the highest standards. I need your help, please. For a full list of services that we offer, please visit our Services page. Could this be a sign of disease or that he is in pain? Circling – a condition where an animal tends to walk in circles, often accompanied by a head-tilt – is usually a sign of a middle ear problem or damage to specific nerves or the area of the brain that interprets balance and movement. Also need to know where to go in case of after hours emergency.

I have tried to deworm him, now his stool is liquidy. Sanders works at the Portola Valley clinic while his wife, Dr. Walcoff to take the most advanced X-rays on site in our hospital and view them immediately so he can make a rapid diagnosis of your pet’s illness or injury. We’re the place where pet parents know they can bring their pets for superb veterinary care that sets new standards for quality and kindness.