Torque spec/thread locker recommendation? Screwed up changing my front brakes.

This VHT Paint is heat resistant to 482°C (900°F) and will not chip, crack, fade or rust even under extremes of operation or road and weather conditions. 79 thousand ks, seems like a genuine country/farmers ute to me. It will be joined in September by the Grange SV which will be even more exclusive, with only 50 cars planned for production at $86,990 apiece. Also purchasing black plastic wheel nut / lock nut covers too… Fuel consumption and vehicle weights have dropped, power output from the 6.2-litre LS3 V8 has gone up, and while it takes on a far smoother persona around town, twiddle a knob and it’ll explode into life. I have more pads on overnight order from Amazon; thankfully, they actually keep EBCs in stock. Until Cadillac finally drops some official info on the four-door bruiser, we’re only left with our guesses.

15kms each year. If you already have a Redline, then you cost will be significantly less. The red stripe also continues on the underside of the roof and on the seats. Go: LSX 428 stroker, Manzo 2″ Camaro LTs, Kooks 3″ mids, GXP axle backs, VCM OTRCAI, RCR AirRam intake & ported TB, PRC CNC LS3 heads w/ LS9 valvetrain, 100mm LS7 MAF, 3.27 gears, Circle-D 3200 stall. im looking for an early model due to the budget, ive heard about small and large boots, what exactly is the difference ,any pics, ive seen a 09 one with a tiny boot,not practical for me. Standard distinguishing features include the least aggressive bodykit of the Commodore-based performance lineup, with mild front and rear spoilers, 20-inch alloy wheels, and quad-outlet exhausts. Real world fuel consumption is influenced by many additional factors such as individual driving style, load, traffic and vehicle condition.

The Dealer’s actual prices may vary from the published price for a number of reasons, including additional charges applicable under the laws in your state. Calipers are painted with VHT Brake Caliper paint which has been designed for brake components. The HSV ClubSport is the entry-level model in the Gen-F range. In recent years, other high-end automakers have jumped into the 4-door coupe segment with vehicles like the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupes, the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and the Audi A7. If you look at how much has been spent on the mods to how much I am asking? There’s also a nine-speaker BOSE audio system (six-speaker for ute) and sports bucket seats. Where it gets expensive is the carbon, and we couldn’t help but go nuts with the front wing, underdoor cover, rear diffuser and engine cover all made of the sexy black weave.

This VHT Paint is heat resistant to 482°C (900°F) and will not chip, crack, fade or rust even under extremes of operation or road and weather conditions. 4wd use more fuel and cost more to run, Suv’s not all that cheap to run and roll over when hit in the sides. Despite your best efforts with the newspaper you’ll probably end up with some paint on the discs. My gf suggested black but I don’t think that would standout very well since the caliper area is already pretty dark. Joe Mayhew is a GTO man. Fuel use is listed at 5.4 and 5.3 l/100km respectively. The color is not as deep as it could be, and you can see a little of the metal color through the paint.

These are clad in red pinstriped Pirelli P Zero tyres and hide red brake calipers, although yellow calipers are fitted to cars that are red below the waist. Fixed wing isn’t active, but total aero pack means GT R also delivers an extra 155kg of top-speed down-force versus the AMG GT S. a special number to any Australian motorsport fan. ‘F12 M’ was a designation previously used when TdF prototypes were first spotted and being used again this time round. Get your free weekly report from the world of fast cars – subscribe to the MOTOR newsletter! Drop in and see us today! I really hope they look better in the flesh.

Clutch only 3,000 km old, radiator recon’d 4,000 km ago, new windscreen, new interior hood lining. This is the second time that Dodge has put a Viper engine into a Ram pickup. I have completed this in the last 4 months… I used that stuff to paint the calipers on my old car, and it would smoke if I had been using the brakes a lot. 83,45 & 30mm dias in red + 38 & 28mm dias in white. They are useless on heavy cars IMHO, heavy dust, quick wearing, overheat badly on track, and as said eat Discs etc, had these on my E60 5 series, never again on a heavy car…….. Even in the dry the Magnusson 2.3-litre-blown, 6.2-litre brute could fry its treads with ease in fourth gear, but the Gen-F2 HSV Senator he brought to the 2016 event was a thoroughly different beast.