Theravax^HSV-2 Vaccine Trial: Initial Findings

What treatments are currently available for those infected with the herpes virus? I argue, by contrast, that nothing serious has gone wrong. While the existing HPV vaccines are effective at preventing transmission of the Human Papilloma Virus, Prof Frazer’s new vaccine is poised to combat existing infection and prevent and treat the onset of cancer. If you are registered at this practice and are unsure who your named GP is please contact us. In Nov. continue reading Feeling crummy? Had a cyscoptomy (sp?

This system concentrates on curing the body naturally. “At the moment is sold as a flat product. Pictures of herpes reveal a range of symptoms. Therefore the average levered beta from comparable firms is used as the bottom-up beta. In the U.S. While anti-viral medications can help, there is no cure for herpes viruses. At Duke University, studies have focused on the herpes virus’ unique ability to lie dormant in the body for extended periods of time, and then reactivate.

Proactive Investors Australia is the market leader in producing news, articles and research reports on ASX “Small and Mid-cap” stocks with distribution in Australia, UK, North America and Hong Kong / China. Engineered with Admedus’ proprietary ADAPT technology, CardioCel® provides superior restorative structural heart repair and reconstruction. An Australian scientist who successfully invented the cervical cancer vaccine is working on new treatments for the herpes simplex virus. ”The interest shown by VCs has been in line with the general investment sentiment. Primary infection with HSV, either in oral or genital sites often characterized by multiple lesions persist for a longer period, than they do for recurrent disease. Most non-prescription treatments only treat the pain, and provide temporary relief. 3 Oct 2014 An Australian scientist who successfully invented the cervical cancer vaccine is working on new treatments for the herpes simplex virus.

2015 QuoteID. Many such persons have mild or unrecognized infections but shed virus intermittently in the genital tract. Most of these sores are not contagious, but sores caused by the herpes virus, called cold sores, which develop on the outside of the mouth around the lips, are very contagious and easily spread. A final follow-up and assessment was conducted after an additional 6 months. The second component of the technology, also patent protected, is to use a mixture of DNAs encoding ubiquitinated and non ubiquitinated proteins. Regenerative tissue portfolio and CardioCel® – Increase number of centres using CardioCel® globally; – Growing sales in the US, Asia & Europe; – Additional market approvals for CardioCel® in Asian markets; – Initiation of CardioCel® market expansion studies such as a Tri-leaflet Aortic Heart Valve Repair Study; – Progress on use of ADAPT® treated tissue in the repair of dura mater, the outer membrane enveloping the brain and spinal cord; and – Expanded regenerative tissue portfolio. People with weak immune systems (including individuals with HIV/AIDS) may be less able to fight off HPV and therefore could be more susceptible to develop health problems related to HPV.

Admedus (ASX: AHZ) is a diversified, global healthcare company. Admedus said at this point the data remains blinded and therefore no definitive conclusions can be made. The number of lesion outbreaks per year was compared between baseline screening, post vaccination and post booster. Competing with Agenus is GEN-003 for HSV-2, “a protein subunit vaccine designed to mount responses from both the T and B cell arms of the immune system, which is believed to be critical to achieving long-term control of this chronic infection. The Company and the clinical study investigators remain blinded to the study data in accordance with standard clinical study procedures to protect the integrity of the results. We anticipate this will be completed in the Q3 2016,” said Admedus CEO Mr Lee Rodne. CardioCel’s anti-calcification feature (phase II follow-up data showed no signs of calcification at seven years post-implantation, thus reducing the need for follow-on surgeries) is attracting KOL interest globally.

“The study is progressing extremely well and we anticipate it will be fully enrolled in the coming weeks, with interim results scheduled for later this year. This study will investigate the safety and efficacy of the HSV-2 vaccine in 40 subjects (18-50 years old) who carry the HSV-2 virus but are otherwise healthy. Read the full Company announcement here. “We’re currently working closely with our study coordinators to get solid timelines for releasing interim data on our Phase II HSV-2 study. Admedus (ASX: AHZ) today announced that interim study results on its Phase 1 trial of a therapeutic vaccine for Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-2) have shown that it achieved the primary endpoint of the study by being safe in the study subjects. Admedus Limited (ASX:AHZ) has finished 2015 in a strong position following a number of key milestones achieved throughout the year. Admedus’ (ASX: AHZ) final results from its Phase I Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-2) vaccine study has showed that 95% (19 of 20) of the participants had a positive T-cell response when the trial reached is primary endpoint of safety.