The True Jersey Shore

but ive also kept brown anoles in there(the male browna nd big headed didnt fight, tho the green male attacked the big headed, but not the brown. January: Snake Locality, Unusual Bipes Dietary Fare: Herpers record their animals’ origins to trace bloodlines. leopards, cresteds! But I have a female that has been up to 1800+ grams and turning 4 this year that hasn’t produced for me. In the long run the Ranco was cheaper because I didnt have to keep replacing it. Cut green portion into large pieces or strips. February: Weak Feeder, Scorpion Gets the Boot (animal superstitions): How do you know if you’re feeding your chameleon the right amount?

I really think I need a vacation, is the bottom line here… Thoughts? This also causes skin, eye and mucous membrane irritation on contact, so it is by no means benign. I’ve always used the white vinegar…used it with our Central Ornate Turtles for over 13 yrs…and then the snake. some vermiculite sold contains these items to help plantings. Their customer service is terrific as well. Though the tide was low, I did spot this pretty terrapin swimming about in the shallows looking for crabs and other invertebrates to snack on.

Don’t be too quick to put private breeders on a pedestal and write off all pet shops as less-than-worthwhile sources of well-bred herps, however. I will continue to buy these racks for my breeding. Male/Female Differences Males are usually less blotched than females and have smoother skin. Two more months, and two BEAUTIFUL Pastel Lessers hatch out of the egg. The celebrities were finally informed who would avoid the first public vote. Ash Meadows Some snakes and larger lizards begin emerging from hibernation including gopher snake, common kingsnake, desert spiny, western whiptail, and zebra-tailed … A good diet for a bearded dragon will include plenty of leafy greens as well as crickets and even mice.

Spinach has been implicated in causing calcium oxalate stones and, for this reason, some iguana keepers avoid this green. Long story that I just told on the main forum, but basically I was stalking eyeshine in the dark which I thought was a small cat, when ma suddenly appeared in a flash and I realized it was a whole family. For those of you who know me on a personal level, you know that any visit to my house included a joyful greeting from Cassie. John Shafer, owner of Whitie’s Pets in Fresno, Calif., said the trick to increasing herp food sales is to keep up with product innovation, offer fair prices and deliver knowledgeable, efficient and friendly service. They are so cute and so easy to take care of. If not, you can still take pictures with a digital camera, upload them, and enter information about the date and location online. Insects such as crickets, superworms, mealworms, and roaches are also relished; particularly by hatchlings and juveniles.

Spree too was sent to Brookfield after it was decided she would have a better chance at acclimating herself to their social structure as she was generally out casted by Semo, April and Allie. Place egg carton in the tank vertically for the crix / locusts to hide / live on, feed on either wheat or oat bran as a staple diet. . 2016 LEUCISTIC SCALELESS TEXAS RAT SNAKE MALES AVAILABLE NOW! September 23, 2016. Please have someone waiting until you snake arrives. You, or someone, must be home on the first delivery attempt for the guarantee to be valid.

(My wife, sensible person that she is, prefers to mix in other activities on her travels.) This time I did more research to determine the best time of year to find thorny devils, and the best places to look for them. His Master’s research assessed the prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) and Ranavirus among eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) populations in Western Pennsylvania. Smaller geckos seem to prefer actively moving bugs, but persistently offering live foods pays off for most geckos. As is the practice among professional zookeepers, at least 2 well-experienced adults should be on hand whenever constrictors exceeding 6 feet in length are fed or handled. Flexwatt, I only use this now, great if you know what your doing with it. The tail supports a row of jagged dorsal scales and is nearly as long as the carapace. The painted turtle is distinguished by a relatively flat, smooth, keelless carapace that lacks serrations along the rear edge.

So, rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought the best use for you is to write out some basics and background but have also set up a Q&A format. I’ve treated him immediately with a 50/50 water & Hydrogen Peroxide solution and then followed that with Neosporin. Their oily nose-print firmly stuck on the prospective cages front glass window from the person’s nose pressed so firmly up to the cage.