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His research was not completed. But mercury leaches into the body 24/7 from toxic “silver” fillings. Many of these human diseases (e. Two suitable fast pulsers that I am aware of are the Klemens pulser and the Parapulser. A mobius coil and a magnet, these are all important elements. People receiving this energy see this enormous bright blue field around Tesla generator, Tesla coil. This has been known for a long time.

P.s. You can look up the specific frequency in the list in the back of the Cure for All Diseases. Dr Max Gerson was curing people of cancer in 1928 and today we have Dr Hulda Clark curing people of all dieses and telling you how she has done it with no absurd ‘medical’ costs she uses Nature… Also@ have stopped two @colds@ from fully developing with early intervention. The evidence amply supports a reasonable belief on the part of these defendants [Grell and associates] that plaintiff [the Self Health Resource Center] was part of a network of persons and entities who acted recklessly, at best, luring Mrs. I had parasites – did not use it long as the flora die-off was too harsh, but it completely cured my depression. I can eat meat if I want to, but usually feel better without it.

I am thankful for this opportunity to rave about my zapper. If you don’t, a tiny hole in the skin can develop from the acid in your blood. Australian healthcare group Admedus released results last week of the Phase 1 trial of Professor Frazer’s new vaccine to treat the herpes simplex virus HSV2. What is the truth about the individual who used the zapper with a pacemaker? aluminum) plate measuring about 3″ by 6″ by at least 1/8″ thickness. As a result of all this messing around with my guts, I ended up with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), and Candida Overgrowth . There were actually real human trials with both of these treatments that seemed to be very effective in curing HIV/AIDS they both had a patent# and everything.

He is a diabetic, the lesser kind, and he has noticed his blood sugar is now remaining normal without the medication…Actually he went off his medication about three days prior to starting with the blood electrifier. As the blood passes by the electrodes at the wrist site, it is electrified with micro-current. In fact some standard parasite stool test procedures identify less than ten percent of active infections and even the “politically correct” holistic specialty labs miss many infections that are nondetectable in fecal specimens, have inconsistent shedding patterns, are extra intestinal or otherwise hard to identify. Because there are so many different uses for electromagnetic wave form therapies, there are a variety of recommendations for how to use them. The sole function of frequency in a zapper is to pulse weak electric current onto the skin in an on/off fashion (positive offset square wave) to induce capacitance into the body–a sort of ‘bleeding through’ of an infinitisimal amount of that electricity. One really has to get away as well as possible from the weaponized food supply in order to achieve the health that our forebears generally exemplified, not so long ago. It is also said that the device increases the voltage across cell membranes, also very desirable.

Here is an interesting connection to W. Clark reminds us. Eat healthy but eat normally. Usually 4 or 5 shocks are given with 5 to 10 seconds between them. So why doesn’t the world know more about this information? What a claim! It does NOT reach into your gallstones, or into your living cells where Herpes virus lies latent or Candida fungus extends its fingers.

Hulda Clark to publish directly so that you and I can immediately benefit from Dr. However we cannot claim it cures all diseases just because there are always people with individual body properties (who, for example, have a very high electrical resistance – when body does not allow electric flow to pass). When he heard that viruses and other pathogens had been deactivated in a medical research study by the application of microcurrents of electricity to blood, his considerable intellect and ingenuity were aroused. Click here for the usage instructions. Dr. After 2 weeks, the pain and swelling reduced to the point where he could put his boots on in the morning and walk about his farm. But that’s not the normal type of die-off.

So much for square waves, and frequencies, and special designs! Dr. Her claims are a threat to the drug companies and to surgical hospitals which are the basis of health care throughout the world. Lyman and a Dr. Treato does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The sores you see above were on my thighs and hips and spreading upwards.