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Dryness is associated with rough skin and is prone to damage bodily fluids. 3. •    Chuan Xiong invigorates the circulation of Blood and promotes the circulation of Qi in the channels. 4. 6. 2. Incessant Menstrual Flow: If it is dark purple color with clots and abdominal pain, this indicates deficiency of the chong and ren channels, or failure of blood control by the spleen due to the sinking qi of the middle jiao.

•    GB-20 dispels Wind-Heat out of the head and sedates the eye pain. Healing may be slow due to other more systemic patterns of disharmony or lifestyle factors. These CPHMs were Chaihu injection (5 CSs, 1 RCT), Qingre Jiedu granules (1 CS, 1 RCT), Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid (1 CS), Ganmao Qingre granules (1 RCT), Shuanghuanglian oral liquid (1 RCT), Xiaoer Baotaikang granules 1 RCT), and Xiaoer Resuqing oral liquid (1 RCT). One trial included wind-cold type of common cold [10], one trial included wind-heat type of common cold [13], while the other three trials did not provide information on patients’ syndrome differentiation. This pathology can cause radiating pain that actually circles the lower back down into the groin area. A Rare Cold is Quickly Reversed Rochelle is 69 years old and came into  our office having suffered a cold for several days. 1.

It is a longevity herb and is particularly useful in replacing spent adaptive energy. Pain is associated with pooping is also common and it is good to know what it means and when to see your acupuncturist to get it sorted out. At the suboccipital muscle insertions Anterior aspects of the intertransverse spaces of C5-C7. When these pathways are blocked or unbalanced, disease symptoms manifest themselves and people feel sick. They can be ignited and then held in the hand comfortably to provide heat to particular areas of the body. We recruited subjects by advertising in local newspapers. Indications: painful obstruction of blood due to a mild attack of external Wind (which occurs during heavy exertion or sweating) characterized by relatively superficial numbness without pain, paresthesias of the muscles (pins and needles), P- faint, choppy tight.

There must be Dampness in Spleen for the pattern to manifest. This trial has been authorized by the CFDA (Approval Number 2004 L04586) and registered with the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry (ChiCTR-TRC-14004255). Ching-hao is normally unable to enter the yin aspect, but can be led in by turtle shell; turtle shell, by itself, is unable to exit to the yang aspect [to go to the surface], but can be led out by ching-hao. Gout, which has some characteristics in common with arthritis, usually fits the cold-dominated category or the cold-damp category of bi syndromes. The digestive system is where the accumulation of dampness begins. I will also list foods that the Spleen is not so fond of so you can at least be aware of what they are and avoid them when you can. Headache sufferers sometimes describe that they had a heavy feeling in the head, like the head being covered or put on heavy objects.

As you get more accustomed to its powers, try concentrating the dose by using less water or more tea. We all get frustrated once in a while and that can give rise to the Qi Stagnation type of back pain, but if it goes on for long enough muscles becomes tighter and more reactive. Signs that your Chinese medicine practitioner will look for include a weak pulse and a pale, soft tongue with thin, white fur. Traditional Chinese Methods to Treat Wry Neck: For Acute condition: Wry Neck onset within 2 days – Acupuncture + Chinese Herbs Acupuncture will help to release the external pathogen by increasing the circulation to the neck and thus increases the local temperature. What is Kidney Yang Deficiency? Although it seems we can now cure AIDS, we still can’t get rid of the two viruses of cold sore and, apart from trying my best not to be stressed or tired, there’s nothing I can do to prevent them. There is wind, damp, cold, heat, dryness.

This in particular stuck in my mind and, being open to alternative and less chemical healing methods, I thought I’d go try it out to help me go through winter. With this in mind, consider the following 8 reasons to regularly drink WARM (37 – 55 Celsius) to HOT (55 – 75 Celsius) water (but not so hot to cause sweating or burn your tongue). Some corresponding Western conditions are infections with the Candida organism, food allergies, enteritis, chronic dysentery, or stress-related digestive disorders. Arthritis patients frequently use acupuncture to control pain once or twice a week, which is an effective complementary treatment. Some of us — through a combination of good fortune (i.e., family and culture we are born into, constitutional inheritance, or ability to learn) grow with minimal interruption from traumatic injuries and experiences.