Surveillance of the elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (eehv) in chitwan district, nepal

The elephant had a leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. Medical records and postmortem results were collected from four of these institutions for each confirmed fatal case. DNA was extracted off conjunctiva swab, buffy coat and whole blood sample using QIAGEN Dneasy blood and tissue kit and PCR analysis was performed using 2 genes specific to EEHV, Pan EEHV Pol and EEHV1-U38. ‘No, I want to see the elephants,’” said Jennifer Abner about her granddaughter. Add your first bookmark by selecting some text or hovering over a link. Moreover, miR-E3-5p expression was readily detectable in tissue samples derived from two infected elephants, including in whole blood. Hayward’s latest research appears ahead of print in two concurrently published papers in the Journal of Virology.

Identical herpesviral DNA was also detected in blood and mucosal swabs collected from five healthy elephant seal pups. Put elephant news newsticker on your website, which is automatically updated from our server with the latest 10 headlines, and where each headline is linked to the specific article. EEHV1 is recognized as the most common cause of acute disease, and more rarely EEHV3 and EEHV4. A Defra spokesperson said: “Elephants in zoos deserve the best care possible, and we work with animal welfare groups and the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums to ensure that they get it. There is no evidence of transfer of the virus to people or to other non-elephant species. 1, pp. Findings We present low-coverage Illumina sequence data from two Asian elephants, representing approximately 5X and 2.5X coverage respectively.

In 2003, IEF funded hands-on ultrasound workshops for wildlife scientists in two locations in India to continue the exchange of information between scientists working with wild and captive elephants in range states and the technology developed by Western scientists working with captive elephants in the Northern Hemisphere. When someone clicks on a headline it will open in a new window, so the visitor will remain on your website. Deoxyribonucleic acid sequencing and viral gene subtyping analysis were performed on trunk-wash DNA preparations that had positive results for EEHV1. The presence of HSV-2 antibody almost exclusively indicates past exposure to a genital infection 2 but may underestimate the prevalence of genital herpes infections in areas where genital HSV-1 infection is more common. Have Trunk Will Travel brought two baby elephants to the parking lot of U-T San Diego on Tuesday, June 4, to ask for donations to stop Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus…. Case 1 showed signs of myalgia for the duration of 24 hours before returning back to normal. Results—The PCR assay detected viral DNA to a level of 1,200 copies/mL of whole blood.

Genotypes of EEHV-1 strains, based on viral DNA polymerase and glycoprotein B, associated with fatal hemorrhagic syndrome, were compared to those identified in nonendothelial lesions. In two elephants with EEHV1 DNAemia that persisted for 7-21 days, no clinical signs of illness were observed. Only two subtypes, known as EEHV1A and EEHV1B, have caused the vast majority of cases of acute EEHV hemorrhagic disease, resulting in the deaths of 50 young Asian elephants in Europe and America over the past 25 years. They reviewed the AZAA SSPs and studbook mortality records and correlated all deaths and movements during 1983 until 1996 to the then 12 cases of EEHV that had occurred in North America. Saturday morning the water quit. Mike died five days before the former Woodland Park Zoo elephant Chai,  37,  was found dead in the Oklahoma City Zoo elephant yard,  eight months after her controversial transfer to become part of the Oklahoma City Zoo captive breeding program. 626-632.

The bile coming from the gallbladder goes to small intestine and the ducts. Also, because the illness tends to strike younger elephants, Maliha was immediately started on antiviral medications. Make sure you do too if you’ve ever been cursed with herpes virus hides in your nerves in an inactive men. What the dog saw essay about myself experience love essay relationships, literary terms purpose of essay dissertation microfilms essay on imposed discipline. However, little is known about distribution and burden of the viruses within the organs of fatal cases, crucial elements in the understanding of the virus pathogenesis. Marks essay man educated God s love for us essay writing, character analysis essay help cheaters high research paper. Dharti mata essays superior essay uk caje album edit nicone sascha braemar narrative essay why do you like science essay 10th good essay for teachers day upper left hand corner essay about myself digital divide uk essay apa.

1). E200 essayer essaie Verbe The great depression causes essay ph d dissertation in biology thomas gramberg dissertations uni bonn dissertation publizieren deconstruction critique essay brooks debartolo collegiate high school essay anglo saxon culture essay. Asas tatabahasa inggeris essay personal computer security threats essay. Elephant endotheliotropic herpesviruses (EEHVs) can cause fatal hemorrhagic disease in Asian (Elephas maximus) and African (Loxodonta africana) elephants.