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Even if a normal shingle would have been at say 85% and these are only at 60%, hail is still lowering it even further and thus covered, right? I bought them from Robinson’s lumber store. The said, “Don’t worry – we’ll take care of you” and that’s the last we heard from them. They were sliding the heavy bundles over the surface as they went up. McCaffrey said the purpose of Maibec’s 50-year warranty against wood decay can only be to persuade consumers that its shingles are long lasting so they will have continued curb appeal and are functional with the ability to act as a weather barrier. Maibec’s deceptive advertising has lead consumers to pay a premium price for the shingles with the belief that they were receiving a premium product, according to the complaint. To watch a Maibec commercial promoting their shingle product, click here.

alleging that certain flooring products that it developed, marketed and sold are defective. Tiny variations in the facts, or a fact not set forth in a question, often can change a legal outcome or an attorney’s conclusion. Custom Quality Contractors offers a 20 year workmanship warranty standard with all new roof replacements. Mr. At, it is our goal to keep you informed about important legal cases and settlements. While 2,000 putative class members have contacted class counsel, the defendants opposed certification in part on the basis that individual issues would outweigh and overwhelm the common ones. However, based on the allegations contained in this lawsuit, things began to change in recent years.

Contact us to tell our office if you have any problems with your IKO shingles. Additionally, the real estate agent was not informed of any roof leaks. So get moving! And they both told me that there have been lots of complaints with CertainTeed shingles. Mr. Homeowners in Hutto, Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park and Bastrop began finding dozens of their shingles strewn in the yard following thunderstorms. REINKE SHAKES warrants to the original purchaser of its shingles that for a period of 50 years from the date of purchase, when properly installed according to specifications of the manufacturer and in accordance with all applicable building codes, these shingles well prevent leakage, even in times of high wind and large hail, excluding leakage caused by wind exceeding 120 MPH, hail in excess of three (3) inches in diameter, or other acts of God,  or from fire or harmful chemicals, or from mechanical damage such as: fallen trees, blown debris such as; glass, metal  or branches.

Following opposition by Plaintiffs’ counsel, a hearing was held where both sides presented their positions to the court. If you installed TAMKO Lamarite Slate Composite Shingles on your property that are failing or have caused damage including discoloration and/or deterioration, please fill out the claim form on this page. How did they know to contact me, and know that I had their product? Additionally, poor installation may cause the vinyl or steel siding to warp or buckle. Elga at 202-789-3960 or by email at Manufacturers have a duty to make safe products and not produce or sell unreasonably dangerous products. Halunen Law is in the process of filing similar lawsuits nation-wide in order to assist homeowners in recovering costs associated with repairing their roofs as a result of IKO’s allegedly defective shingle products.

Regardless of the source of the product failure, we have the experience and resources necessary to effectively handle any claim related to defective building materials. Contact us to tell our office if you have any problems with your IKO shingles. They are represented by attorneys Albert H. About 2 years later, after a storm, I was up on the roof cleaning off branches and what nots. Vander Veer and his co-plaintiffs claim that the company conceals their products’ susceptibility to warping and cracking, and continues to market their shingles fraudulently. We live in Calumet Grove, home built in 2003, in August before purchase we had roof inspected, it failed, blistering it was called, Owens Corning not budging, so we wound up splitting the cost of a new roof with previous owner for future replacement. This advertisement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, either express or implied.

The lawsuit seeks damages for the cost of replacing the defective shingles, labor, disposal and other related expenses. The Complaint alleges that IKO’s shingles prematurely fail in that they curl, deteriorate, fall off, and otherwise fail to perform as expected. You then take a 2×3 and it goes flat in between the two larger pieces. These defective transmissions were installed in all model year 2013 – 2014 Nissan Pathfinders sold or leased to consumers, including Plaintiff. Morocco v. Help us Re-Roof Minnesota! A 10-year-old condo association building suffered hail damage during a storm.