Religious groups say proposed circumcision ban is attack on religious freedom, but ignore a child’s

The moment you decide that they are nothing more than pathetic penis licking parasites, they will lose a major portion of their power. In the USA, only 13% of uncircumcised heterosexual men indicated that they would be willing to become circumcised to lower their risk of HIV [108]. Retrieved 2012-11-23. This is America. The child’s arms and legs are restrained, and an anaesthetic cream or injection is used to numb the area around the foreskin. We can begin to unravel the doublethink and sexist bias that protect only one half of American children from genital harm. The Hatam Sofer also held that metzitzah b’peh was not a part of the mitzvah of circumcision – a position echoed by dozens of other rabbis after him.

But despite the protective benefits of circumcision, anti-circ campaigners continue to overlook the evidence and perpetuate a raft of myths. The paper removed Hillary Clinton as well as Counterterrorism Director Audrey Tomason, as noted by Failed Messiah last week. The male circumcision trials evaluated sexual satisfaction in adult men and their female partners before and after the procedure and compared men randomized to male circumcision with uncircumcised controls. Scientists continue to study depression in women to improve the way this medical condition is diagnosed and treated. And in New Jersey, where Rabbi Fischer has done some of his 12,000 circumcisions, the health authorities have been silent. And that’s not good? Tendler, the rabbi of Community Synagogue of Monsey, also serves on the Rabbinical Council of America, an Orthodox Jewish group.

The message to get across is that this is weird, unusual, Wetli said. In Australia, it is estimated that currently 10–20% of baby boys are circumcised, although historically circumcision has been more popular. Compare the options  Assessment prior to circumcision Assessment should: Estimate how much foreskin should be removed.Exclude hypospadias, epispadias, chordee and other relevant conditions. So he contacted a “moyel,” a Yiddish term for a person who performs circumcisions. The man has that flap covering the head, so there’s barely any exposure to it. First Amendment rights do not trump the rights of a child! The dangers to children created by the ultra-Orthodox community’s distrust of non-Jews and their institutions again loomed large in the tragic murder of Leiby Kletzky in Brooklyn last summer.

More spots have appeared on the tip of my penis and they feel scaly and dry with no pain. Between 10 and 15 children have been admitted to hospitals in the United States, Israel and Canada with the disease over the last decade. An uncircumcised California native described the embarrassed feeling of being the kid who looked different in the locker room, and an anti-circumcision activist explained how he spent the past decade trying to re-stretch his shorn foreskin and increase sensitivity in his penis by using a commercially available plastic cone that applies tension to the remaining skin. Ten of the babies were hospitalized, at least two developed brain damage and two died, according to the New York City health department. to 10 percent, there would be almost 5,000 extra HIV cases in men, 57,000 extra HPV infections and another 27,000 newborn UTIs among about four million babies, they calculated. In the U.S. The technique Dr.

Battle lines were quickly drawn with the men especially keen to jump in. Galen died sometime between 200 CE and 216 CE – exactly at the time of the codification of the Mishna, essentially the first code of Jewish law ever written and the foundation of the Talmud, which would be codified 550 to 750 years later. Actually, I can’t think of a single issue that comes close. The son carried the infant toward the mohel, or Jewish ritual circumciser, who stood amid a cluster of chanting men. In fact, one is closely affiliated with the haredi Philadelphia Kollel. Discussion ranged from possible names and parenting styles to whether or not he was going to make a good front-row forward. Discussion We show here that infancy is an optimal time for clinical circumcision because an infant’s low mobility facilitates the use of local anesthesia, sutures are not required, healing is quick, cosmetic outcome is usually excellent, costs are minimal, and complications are uncommon.

RITUAL circumcision is an abomination. Note: The following information is contained in the website, and it has been copied with permission. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of U.S. Smegma, the lubricant produced in the lining of the foreskin, can be a nuisance, and even a health threat. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed super-sized soda ban isn’t the only controversial topic that is going to be discussed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene this week. Galen and Hippocrates depicted in a 12th century mural/ Wikimedia Commons. Avi Schick, the frequently dishonest haredi political insider, has written a very deceptive article on NYC’s deal with haredim on metzitzah b’peh, (MBP), the direct mouth-to-bleeding-penis sucking done by most haredi mohels after cutting off a baby’s foreskin.