Ozone: The Power of 10 Pass (A New Treatment)

Ozone therapy is an excellent therapy with minimal side effects and a wide range of therapeutic benefits. (4) Normal ECG & Normal Echo. Open leg ulcers, bed sores and burns, Viral Diseases, A series of clinical trials has shown good results of Ozone treatment in painful, viral conditions like herpes and hepatitis. We believe that our work does not start and end with what the patient has come for but as well in what we see in our analysis. Then the area is infiltrated with ozone, giving the tissues what they need to heal. DPG enables the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin molecule so that it can be taken up into the cell. In the absence of an adequate amount of DPG, our cells become starved for oxygen.

When we are well, our immune system is in balance. At Syringa Integrated Health Centre Ozone has been used at this centre effectively for many years. The Carbon-Hydrogen bond in the sugar molecule is cleaved, and Oxygen bonds with the Hydrogen, forming water (H2O) and Carbon dioxide (CO2). This has the effect of debilitating the body, thus making it susceptible to infection and disease. I made ozone, also destructive to the intestinal flora for me! In order to survive the cell begins to ferment sugar instead of burning it. Initially there may be some tiredness right after the treatment.

Yes, I am a idiot for trusting him and letting him go without a condom. The effective killing of all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa involved in AIDS. It is a complication often caused by some STDs, like chlamydia and gonorrhoea. I was once again re-energized to up my efforts once again. 3 – rectal insufflation with medical ozone 4 – Infiltration with ozone gas, of skin lesions. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) , which leads to cold sores, is a recurrent viral infection that is caused by Herpes virus hominis (HVH) , a most widespread infectious agent. ed.

“What I don’t know – and I’m trying to investigate – is how easily it is transmitted from person to person. Another goal of the Association was to inform and to enable specialists, based on the experiments carried out in Brazil and abroad. Howard Robins has been helping people with ozone therapy and is considered, by many, to be the foremost leading expert in North America in bio-oxidative therapies for the safe treatment of diseases and illness with over 175,000 treatments performed. Since ozone will react with any and all double bonds in a lipid or amino acid, the net result is that the lipid or amino acid is broken down into peroxides which are short chained. “Anti –aging” is a popular term these days. But Dr Earnest Allen, an expert witness on behalf of the GMC who has 30 years experience in oncology, told the panel this flies in the face of conventional medicine, whose doctors strive to find ways to cut off oxygen tumours. A mixture of ozone and oxygen is then injected into the disc.

Interferons orchestrate every aspect of the immune system, inhibit viral replication. 5 other Exposure keratitis – due to dryness of the cornea caused by an incomplete or inadequate eyelid closure (lagophthalmos common after facial paralysis). Ozone drinking water and ozone saunas are also available. Well to explain this in simple terms, I must first say that really there is no comparison as it is a completely different process. It may be continued thereafter if needed. Contra Indications -hyperthyroidism; -pregnancy; -pancreatitis; -disorder in blood coagulation; -epilepsy; -even though very rear (1 in 10000) – allergies to ozone. Autohemotherapy (AHT) is a technique that withdraws blood from the body, mixes it with ozone gas, and then injects it back into the body through a vein or muscle.

colitis) and small intestines, fistulas and proctitis (inflammation of the rectum) – many such unpleasant and inconvenient conditions are favorably treated by Rectal Insufflation of Ozone. 1902 J.H. How does Ozone Therapy work? In North America only a small number of Naturopathic and/or Medical doctors currently use medical ozone for treatment of disease. It stimulates the vasomotor system through the nerve centers, which fact is clearly shown in the increased redness of the skin, a feeling of warmth in the whole body, and waste products being more freely eliminated. These  sessions  are given two or three times weekly for total of about 15 to 20 sittings. Dr Velio Bocci, the foremost researcher in the use of medical ozone states that from 1950 to 1986 in central Europe there were no “untoward effects” in 340,000 ozone treatments.

Fight Chronic Lyme Disease with Ozone Therapy NY. Many end their lives in both poverty and despair. Jeff Erradicated The Herpes FOR REAL – NEGATIVE TEST RESULTS!!! From an aging population with increasing rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s, to alarming numbers of children with autism and other developmental disorders, to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and superbugs breeding in hospitals, the threats to public health are many.