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A medication-overuse headache will usually get better within a few weeks once you stop taking the painkillers that are causing it, although your pain may get worse for a few days before it starts to improve. Symptoms include eye discomfort, headaches, itchy eyes and difficulty in focusing. It’s thought that sarcoidosis happens because the immune system has gone into “overdrive”, where the body starts to attack its own tissues and organs. Adults who had a squint as a child may sometimes develop double vision over time. If you get cellulitis often or severely, your GP may refer you to a skin specialist called a dermatologist, or an infection specialist, to discuss the option of taking antibiotics on a long-term basis to protect against further infections. Some people who have had certain types of laser eye surgery find they have dry eye syndrome in the weeks after surgery. If you use one of these products, make sure you clean the bag before and after use.

Complications of uveitis include permanent damage of the eye and some loss of vision. And, believe it or not, the most common skiing injury is not to legs or arms – but to eyes! The pattern of symptoms for allergic conjunctivitis depends on the substance you’re allergic to. In 2015 St Levan Surgery was rated “Good” overall, and “Outstanding” in two areas: “Responsiveness” and “Care of people whose circumstances make them vulnerable”. For example, between November 2012 and July 2013 there was an outbreak in and around Swansea, during which more than 1,200 cases were reported. There is still no cure for the common cold. The metal that is used is titanium, which does not set off metal detectors in airports etc.

If allergic conjunctivitis needs rapid relief, your GP will probably prescribe a medicine known as an antihistamine. You may also feel tired and not be able to remember what you were doing just before you fainted. Using stitches, dressings, casts, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to treat injuries – open 24/7. However, many children with childhood cataracts are able to live a full and normal life. Because they trap warm air better than one bulky layer. It depends on the dose of radiotherapy and the length of treatment you receive. Please contact the surgery in plenty of time before you travel or go on holiday in order to complete the travel schedule.

This is why compliance with advice is so important. We will try to keep to schedule but please remember earlier patients may have needed more time than allocated on this occasion. Please be advised that once a doctor’s pre-bookable appointments have all been booked you will have to call on the day of their clinic to secure an appointment. You can book an appointment with the doctor of your choice, subject to availability, up to six weeks in advance – subject to appointments being available. It was worse in the left eye and the skin was drooping downwards so my eyelashes were pointing inwards. Some victims have even been driven to suicide, says Sophy Proctor, of the charity PMRGCA UK, which helps people with GCA and the linked but less serious condition Polymyalgia Rheumatica, or PMR (this causes severe stiffness and pain in the hips, shoulders and neck, and one case in five leads to GCA). While you have a wart or verruca, you should also take steps to avoid passing it to others.

The pharmacist will ask you questions about your symptoms. Anaesthetic drugs can stay in your system and can affect your judgement and reaction. Use a high factor sun cream on all areas of exposed skin, and use a hat to protect your child’s face and/or an umbrella over the buggy or pushchair. Please do not call Southampton NHS Treatment Centre with enquiries about Royal South Hants Minor Injuries Unit. He said I was at risk of developing glaucoma, where the pressure is so high it causes damage and sight loss. Diarrhoea? Drink.

• As with solid organs, the sooner that eyes are retrieved the better the transplant outcome. In fact, coming into hospital with diarrhoea and vomiting – which could be managed at home – puts other patients who are already poorly at risk of additional infection. We recommend keeping in your medicine cabinet paracetamol or aspirin, anti-diarrhoea medicine, rehydration mixture, indigestion remedy, plasters and a thermometer. Emergency conditions include trauma, head injuries, suspected fractures, drug overdose, suspected heart attack and breathing difficulties. But rather than being seen by doctors in the A&E department, they were sent by a receptionist to a walk-in centre where Mr Baker was apparently briefly examined by a nurse, who diagnosed an ear infection, prescribed ear drops and sent him home. HOW LONG have the symptoms been present? There are 72 pharmacies in Hull where you can use the Minor Ailment Scheme, you do not need an appointment and you can attend at a time which suits you.