New bulb, what the expletive!?

If I’ve done business with you and your name isn’t on this list… Look at the scenery! Such is the life of a breeder. In addition to his animal care responsibilities, Dr. I have seen pictures of hornworms with white things sticking out of its back – what are these? We met a guy at the White Plains Reptile Expo who showed some cages that he constructed with amazing craftsmanship. Thanks to _KhlER3L, who wrote the document Customizing the look of Open WebMail v1.65 Thanks to Nimrod Zimerman and Nimrod S.

Who eats who or who eats what may change when the snow and temperature fall. ~Hats off to Rob Hill/Geckos Anonymous~  – Great Company!! or bad? We got in a couple of adorable red crested geckos care of a friend, and so keeping them cool this weekend has been a fun experiment. I’d recommend the Alife for a cheap thermostat, and the Herpstat for a decent one. They held up very well. There response was that since they had offered a refund before they would not be responsible for anything else.

There is some question on forum as to whether or not it’s even a female. Re: Anyone else have trouble with Big Apple pet Supply? After the next business day, we cannot be held responsible. I think the baseline should be a good transaction. This includes housing the animal or amphibian without proper heating, lighting, bedding and accessories. Agreed, they should pay for the shipping, since it is their mistake, not yours. Shingles can not take someone else has shingles.

Radiant heat panels or room heat, far safer. After high school, Dr. First, I would thank you for posting the condition of the animals that were shipped to you in lousy shape, and small for their age from a particular seller(Big APple). If we don’t use it we won’t sell it. Russell Burke is a wildlife ecologist specializing in reptiles. Good People!!! Usually the swing will be +/- 2 to 5°F.

In the day time, the hot end of the enclosure should be set at 88 – 90 Fahrenheit, and the cool end at about 80. Thanks guys, I’ll be ordering the reptitemp 500r along with the probe digital thermometer they have there, will be a total of $30 w/shipping. decompostion is so good and efficient in a micro-ecosystem like this. Found almost anywhere except in the deserts, mosty during daylight. Take it from someone who spent $25 – $50 each year over the course of several years trying to find a light that would work well with my seed starting system. Remember that the appearance of most snakes will change when they are moving, especially if they are moving quickly.The pattern will blur and your impression of the animal will not be accurate enough to identify it by appearance alone. I always love the little snake gifts I get, and they have a place in the snake room as well.

Pied, Fire, Champagne, and Soul Sucker. Sorry about all these hoops to jump through, but I am quite serious about blocking spammers and scammers at the gate on this site and am doing the very best that I can to that effect. If the location you enter in your profile field does not match the location of your registration IP address, then your registration will be rejected. This secretive little serpent was my first wild snake sighting – but, at age 5, I was not quick enough to catch it. At the annual meeting of the New York Flora Association held at the Conference, Rob Naczi delivered a presentation on his ongoing efforts to revise Gleason & Cronquist’s influential book, New Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada. What kind of expirenece does anyone have with these? You also may be asked to do something as simple as write some letters.

Substrate – aspen shavings, Carefresh bedding or coco coir. Ken would be rich if he had the spiders im after in stock…. The OrnateSky Fund was established to help Gina and her childred (Joseph 5, Shayna 7, and Heather 18) both spiritually and finacially. The Exo Terra Reptile Incubator uses thermoelectric technology which enables the device to cool and to heat. Find ways to reduce wildlife-human conflict and avoid wildlife damage. Before you buy your chameleon, check out breeder reviews. One incubator is complete with water tub, sponges, and shelves.

Big Apple Herp sell and recommend them. I had family come in from Chicago, so the evening was spent hanging out with them. Odds are, the breeder didn’t keep the humidity up high enough. Our highest priority is to collect information on Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). Q. There are other bulbs on the market, both MV and fluorescents, that claim that they provide adequate UVB but long time keepers and rehabbers do not trust these bulbs.