Neurological and Psychological Forms of Amnesia

Letter by letter, Lonni Sue dips her toe into the river of time. 4. For 4 faces she said they were familiar but was unable to produce a name and said that 89 were not familiar. In regard to our patient’s phenomenology, paranoia may occur when uncertainty results from lack of contextual information (patient being unaware of why she was admitted to or required continued hospitalization) secondary to hypofunctioning of hippocampus during TGA. One of the study’s co-investigators (J.S.F) approached SZ and inquired about when the concert would start. Antoun, N. Note: Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed.

Other observations failed to support consolidation theory, suggesting again that the empirical evidence does not appear to lend full support to either of these theories (Kopelman et al. This latter finding was inconsistent with one of the main predictions of multiple trace theory (but see Gilboa et al. “The medial temporal lobe”. They suggested, for example, that rats might learn a configural problem by simply representing a pair of stimuli as a single object, thus avoiding the need for configuration. In direct reported speech the represented speech is presented as a quotation, as if reporting the exact words of the original speaker (e.g., Get a call later … “Roger somebody called. Cavaco et al. Van Hoesen , & J.P.

5 A–E). Other possible organic diagnoses. Am J Psychiatry. This will be the amount of time it takes CW to get from his room to the each of the destinations, observations will also be made as of any experiences of disorientation and if so note down where along the route and how often they occur, using several measures maximise the stability of the assessment as they will be compared with the results of the intervention phase. In high school, SZ played in a jazz band that at one time competed at the national level and won the second place prize. 2, p. For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person.

A third alternative that we will pursue below is that Reed and Squire’s (1999) conclusions are incorrect. Word spread through Olin, N.C., their rural community of 1,500 people north of Statesville, and family and friends rushed to the hospital. If restrained during this period, he may strike out randomly at people who try to assist. The psychodynamic explanation emphasizes the use of repression as a defense against conscious awareness of the stressful or traumatic event. Interactional sociolinguistic perspectives, which focus on the discursive and creative representation of temporal events, might suggest more complex patterns of disruption, or conceivably no discernable disruption at all. High resolution magnetic resonance imaging revealed virtually no hippocampal tissue bilaterally, substantial tissue reduction in parahippocampal, entorhinal and perirhinal cortices, and severe damage to the left anterior portion of the lateral temporal lobe. Consequently, amnesics’ failure to show associative priming in the category exemplar task might be taken as support for the notion that the hippocampus is critical for relational learning, regardless of whether those memories are accessible to awareness.

Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 4, 517–518. , Estlin, E. Sometimes there can be psychological trauma in a person’s life that can catapult him into dissociative amnesia. To examine the extent to which prior knowledge can be used to flexibly support inferential judgments of novel pairings, younger and older adults performed a transitivity task adapted from Bunsey and Eichenbaum (1996) for use with humans. Attacks can be as brief as 30-60 minutes or can last up to 24 hours. For those individuals with profound memory impairments such as H.M. Moreover, probing highly-overlearned everyday knowledge domains, and especially domains of personal expertise, allows us to ask whether significant memory loss may occur even in areas that might be the best cases for preservation.

She had undergone multiple endovascular interventions in the past. We noted that patients hospitalized with TGA tend to appear in clusters. The causes of epilepsy include genetic predisposition, brain damage caused by birth complications, infections and parasitic diseases, brain injuries, intoxication, and tumors. Because of the acute memory problems herpes simplex encephalitis was considered despite a normal EEG and CSF examination and he was given acyclovir, without benefit. The man, dubbed as “Burger King Doe” by the police, was taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center, where records state he was semiconscious. This review considers three kinds of evidence that have been prominent in recent work: studies of retrograde amnesia in memory-impaired patients, studies of healthy volunteers using neuroimaging, and studies of experimental animals. and Job, R.

5, Pages: 416-434 Posted Online August 20, 2009. The symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in other important areas of functioning. He’s not able to recognize anyone except his wife and he’s unable to remember anything happened even minutes earlier.