My HIV VDRL test results have come out as non- reactive, please explain

This test is not offered as a screening or confirmatory test for blood donor specimens. I realize this information may be confusing to you, and I encourage you to discuss your concerns in person with your doctor. The proportion of tests performed on MSM varies year to year, but is generally one in four. The following ARCHITECT assay-based algorithm was used: All specimens that were repeatedly reactive using the ARCHITECT assay were tested with the orthogonal Multispot HIV-1/2 (Multispot) rapid test (Bio-Rad, Redmond, WA) for which a confirmatory Multispot rapid test result for HIV-1 antibody required reactivity for both the antigen and peptide spots. If syphilis remains clinically suspected, a second specimen should be submitted for testing. The blood was dispensed into test tubes containing EDTA and gently mixed to prevent coagulation. Intercourse with sex worker.

Both sides of the flat pad are used for this procedure []. pallidum antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Result: nonreactive, Comment: Combination Elisa, Detects HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and HIV P24 antigen? Non-Reactive and Not Detected are alternative ways of saying Negative. You would have realised by now that these are all just different detection techniques. Against a panel of over 1,200 specimens, EIA sensitivity and specificity were comparable to those of VDRL. Men and transgender persons reporting sex with men in the prior year were recruited when seeking HIV testing at the PHSKC STD Clinic, Gay City Health Project (a community-based organization), or University of Washington Primary Infection Clinic (PIC, a research clinic).

Top of page Appropriate combinations of immunoassays HCV recombinant antigens have been based predominantly on expression of clones from HCV genotype 1. Patients with those test results should be staged and treated, unless previous treatment can be documented. A negative rapid test does not require further testing, and negative results with result-specific counseling can be provided to most persons at the initial visit. Syphilis serology is also included in the first antenatal screen in women who are pregnant and is required as part of an immigration medical examination. It is also been used in the detection of viral antigen, drugs of abuse, levels of steroid hormones and for the therapeutic monitoring of drugs. An estimated 170 million individuals worldwide including an estimated 250,000 in Canada are infected. In fact, many already have weakened immune systems when they first test positive and are concurrently diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.

It is a qualitative test for screening of syphilis, and currently all nontreponemal tests are flocculation tests and both VDRL and RPR tests are modifications of original Wasserman reaction. For comparison purposes, the Macro-Vue RPR (Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems, Cockeysville, Md.) and the FTA-ABS indirect fluorescent-antibody tests (Zeus Scientific, Inc., Raritan, N.J.) were performed as described in the manufacturers’ instructions (4). The test results are available 20 minutes from the start of the test. For more information see The Laboratory Diagnosis of Syphilis and/or the CDC’s Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, 2015. Criminal justice populations are at disproportionately high risk for HIV infection from both injection drug use and unprotected sex (4–7). This fundamental science forms the basis of immuno testing which includes the ELISA and ECLIA tests. The results say “anti-bodies to HIV – Non Reactive.

STD value is high enough to be considered positive; if not, it returns negative. pallidum hemagglutination (TPHA), and TPPA. Basically in that test they are looking for the HIV. Question – I had an RPR test done and it came back non-reactive. Order Online » Detection is the first step in prevention. Elisa) non reactive CHlamydia IGG 8.5 AB index, Herpes type 1 IGG 3593 units, Herpes type 2 IGG 100 units. PLASMATEC LABORATORY PRODUCTS LTD Unit 29, Dreadnought trading Estate, Bridport, Dorset UK DT6 5BU VDRL ANTIGEN TEST KIT Catalogue number Product.

We had another encounter on 9 October 2011 , but I have not ejaculated I have left the exercise as few guest came . All these problems started after my sexual exposure. Sep 09, 2005 &#183&nbspA non-reactive HIV test means that you’re HIV negative. Two difference gen, than rule out AB/AG at 6 week and 9 week. Rapid, point-of-care TTs are in widespread use in developing countries because of low cost, ease of use, and reasonable performance. Still, I would think that a negative reaction, or a non-reaction, would mean that you do not have HIV at this point. why is the FTS-ABS test result still positive?

A total of 47 Specimens reactive in TPHA and non-reactive with VDRL test were subjected to fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption and enzyme-immunoassay. What does a Reactive VDRL test result. A positive initial anti-HIV-1/HIV-2 test followed by negative supplemental tests, including Western Blot and p24 antigen is a negative HIV test. Serologic Test for Syphilis. I had unprotected sex around the date of 03/03/09,and took the an STD test on 05/02/09.