Migraine headache pain relief using electro-acupuncture and tens machines

The marks disappear in a few days. These antiviral medications not only help shorten the days of pain that you have, they also help reduce the risk of long-lasting shingles pain, a condition called post-herpetic neuralgia. Speak with our experienced acupuncturists to find out. After a couple of treatments you will start to notice increased flexibility and reduced pain and pressure when you perform your work-related tasks. Pain reduction is often immediate with acupuncture, while NSAIDs can take up to 30 minutes to begin taking effect. TENS also encourages the production of endorphins and encephalins – the body’s own natural pain killing chemicals. Compared with people undergoing sham needle treatments, those receiving acupuncture reported drops in back and neck pain of 0.23 standard deviations, and of 0.55 standard deviations compared with those not using acupuncture at all.

Better choose a good topical way out, cooked oatmeal or moist clay can be used instead of calamine lotion. Come in to see us and we will prove that Acupuncture and Functional Medicine are  very effective for eliminating your pain. Patient tried prescription medication but caused constipation so she turned to acupuncture for pain relief. Body Clock offers a full range of tens machines, ems units and other pain relief devices. I use my hands daily for my work too. In a study at the London National Hospital for Nervous Disorders, acupuncture proved to be effective in 59 percent of the cases, whereas Inderal, a drug commonly prescribed for migraines, had an improvement rate of only 25 percent. A good way to understand this is to view that pain as a full-blown traffic jam.

The brain further generates a defensive reflex on the muscles located around the injury, making it harder to prevent you from possibly re-injuring it. Because of these herniations, he experienced a considerable amount of pain. Surgery may be another option. Acupuncture needles unblock the obstructions at the dams, and reestablish the regular flow through the meridians. Results: After herbs, patient was feeling immediately better. Both myself and my husband would and have recommended Dr. The acupuncturist may manually stimulate the needles or use electrical stimulation, cupping or Moxibustion.

The results give long lasting relief as the treatment is aimed at the basic imbalance that causes the problem, rather than at purely the symptoms experienced. The itching decreased more slowly over 8 sessions. Acupuncture, often known as the pain controller, has a broader definition in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Qi, some call it the energy of the life, circulates along the system of meridians. Stimulating these points adjusts the circulation in the meridians and rebalances the intersecting fields of resonance, which has the effect encouraging the body to recover from injury, heal from disease and let go of chronic pain patterns. Nawei and acupuncture in Women’s Edition magazine. The herpes simplex virus is a contagious virus that can be passed from person to person through direct contact.

Best results ever after a single treatment. However, if one wishes to book in an acupuncture treatment only when the pain/condition is acute, then acupuncture can serve the purpose as a pain killer too. EAR, NOSE AND THROAT; Common cold, Influenza, Tinnitus, Nerve deafness, Menieres disease, Eye problems &Sinusitis. The surround acupuncture procedure involved the placement of acupuncture needles around the area of the herpes zoster rash. Many post surgical pains can be treated as soon as the symptoms begin. There were 86 participants who were randomly divided into an acupuncture and cupping/bloodletting group and a control group with just cupping and bloodletting. Luckily, I found many protocols in TCM that can be very effective in reducing the severity and duration of the pain.

The key question with pain relief or pain control is exactly how much relief the treatment gives and how sustainable this is. Even though the blisters usually dry up and start to disappear a week or two after appearing, the pain can still persist and sometimes lead to a condition called post herpetic neuralgia, where the pain can last for months or even years after the rash has gone. Do not attempt this if the skin is extremely sensitive. However, there is no point in being unduly pessimistic. Remove your makeup before you go to sleep. The acupuncture treatments and diet (including lemon water) have also helped with my constant UTI issues, which are also a result of the damp heat, so it is definitely a win-win. Oral antiviral medications include acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir.

I have years of experience providing relief for pain related to shingles, also know as Postherpetic Neuralgia. Wall Street Journal, March 2010. Nan Acupuncture serves the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. This is accomplished by inserting hair-thin needles into points on the body along the energy pathways. Most days, it felt like someone was crushing my eyes. professor – female Case #15 Buttocks Pain (Muscle Inflammation) A 40-year-old female banker Case #16 Drug Addiction/Detox Stress A 38-year-old male Case #17 Stop Smoking A 40-year-old female Case #18 Leg Cramp (Hamstring & Calf) A 35-year-old sales professional – male Case #19 Lower Back Pain (Mild Bone Fracture) A 70-year-old retired salesman Case #20 Lower Back Pain A 60-year-old health care director – male) Case #21 Rheumatoid Arthritis A 76-year-old female Case #22 Infertility A 38-year-old mother of 3 Case #23 Bell’s Palsey A 35-year-old business professional – male Case #24 Forgetfulness Skin Problem (Acne/Boils) A 45-year-old medical assistant Case #25 Nausea Poor Appetite Anxiety Attacks A 22-year-old massage therapist Case #26 Aneurysm (Poor Balance in a wheelchair) A 20-year-old college student — female Case #27 Lower Back Pain Neck Pain Insomnia A 45-year-old police officer – male Case #28 Panic Attacks/Anxiety A 20-year-old male model Case #29 Nerve Disorder (Neurofibromatosis): Numbness of Legs Loss of Appetite Lower Back Pain Fatigue A 28-year-old accounting professional – male Case #30 Lower Back Pain A 40-year-old female & a yoga student Case #31 Rotator Cuff Pain/Tendonitus A 50-year-old stock broker – male Case #32 Stomach Problems Tired Eyes Vericose Veins A 40-year-old business professional — female Case #33 Rheumatoid Arthritis A 35-year-old professional – female Case #34 Post Knee Replacement Complications A 38-year-old professional & a baseball player – female Case #35 Post Lower Back Surgery Complications A 65-year-old retired male Case #36 Foot Pain Poor Leg Circulation Tension to the Body Grinding of Jaw A 78-year-old retired female Case #37 Lower Leg Pain and Numbness A 70-Year-Old Male Woodworker, Retired Case #38 Endometriosis Kidney Stones Sciatica Abdominal Pain Low Energy Case #38 (A 38-Year-Old Marketing Professional — Female) Case #39 Nausea Abdominal Pain An 80-Year-Old Great Grandmother Case #40 Muscle Strength Poor Energy Poor Memory (seizure in childhood) A 13-Year-Old Boy Case #41 Low Energy, Shortness of Breath Anemia Period Cramps Heavy Clotting A 42-Year-Old Professional — Female Case #42 Weight Control Food Craving Breast Tenderness Shortness of Breath Leg Swelling A 49-Year-Old Professional — Female Case #43 Depression Anxiety A 36-Year-Old Mother of Two Case #44 Leg Pain An 80-Year-Old Retired Male Case #45 Yawning Low Energy Poor Memory Underweight A 20-Year-Old Pharmacy Student Case #46 Hair Loss Weight Control A 43-Year-Old Female Business Owner Case #47 Food Addiction Bulemia Negative Thinking A 37-Year-Old Health Care Professional — Female Case #48 Sinus Migraine Headaches Stomach Pain Vocal Cords Problem (since childhood) A 24-Year-Old Medical Assistant — Female Case #49 Stop Smoking A 54-Year-Old Professional — Male Case #50 Allergy to Fish A 31-Year-Old College Recruiter — Female Case #51 Food Craving Weight Control A 44-Year-Old Health Care Professional – Female Case #52 Menstrual Cramps Miscarriage A 28-Year-Old Female Case #53 Anxiety TMJ A 35-Year-Old Health Care Professional — Female Case #54 Allergy General Fatigue Symptoms A 35-YEAR-OLD Professional — Female Case #55 Finger Numbness Lower Back Pain/Sciatica A 55-Year-Old Female Business Owner Case #56 Bursitis (Hip Pain) A 44-Year-Old Female Professional/Competitive Line Dancer Case #57 Hip Pain Knee Pain Allergy A 60-Year-Old Legal Assistant Case #58 Post Surgery Complication: Knee Pain Ankle Pain A 31-Year-Old Female Insurance Agent Case #59 Food Craving Weight Control Allergy Low Energy A 33-Year-Old Female Supervisor Case #60 Arthritis: Lower Back Pain Knee Pain An 80-Year-Old Grandmother Patient Testimonials in Detail Case # Symptoms/ Diagnosis Patient Testimonial Case #1 General Fatigue Digestive Problem Amenorrhea A 38-Year-Old Female – Business Professional I was treated for fatigue, and for recurring noises (borborygmus) in my stomach.