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After 8 years on the l-lyisine I dropped him to a maintenance dose of every other day, increasing back to daily whenever he showed signs of a flare up, but he never had another bad one after that. I was told by the vet that Rasha has a very serious Herpes defect because his eyes always move back and forth and never stop. I know that there are antivirals available now for human herpes but I don’t know if they have developed a feline equivalent yet. I give them 500mg of l-lysine (go to walmart and go to the supplement isle and that is where you can find it). through the discussion forums is not allowed. You could feel her backbone and ribs no matter how much quality food I tried to feed her. I will put a stop to one this week.

We found some terrific products that help to prevent ever having this problem. Pumpkin on the other hand, could stand to loose a few pounds, but that’s whole nother story!! unfortunately, i have mapped the rest of my short life out. Mine also I have two, huge male age 7 and female age 9. Antibiotics however, have no effect on viruses. We recently completed a study (Unpublished data, 2005) to determine whether intranasal administration of one dose of this vaccine to kittens two, four, and six days before virulent FHV-1 challenge would lessen clinical signs and FHV-1 shedding when compared to unvaccinated control kittens. He’s a very hyper out going kitten that could use a friend as he wants the play with the cat with FHS but that just makes her have an attack.

Zoetisus did these studies themselves. Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I plan on sanitizing the basement after allowing the cats back in the house upstairs. You can give it to them until all symptoms disappear, or you can even give it to them indefinitely. Did the vet do a urinalysis when you were in? I live someplace where allergies are bad for every human that has ever passed through here. I was thinking and abcess too.

Kittens without a registration number or TRN will not be included in the count. I guess it could be allergies. Unless irreversible damage has been caused to the ocular structures, the prognosis is usually good in cases of eye trauma. I still have doubts that he is even allergic to chicken, because his symptoms seem to usually come and go arbitrarily. But he would keep making the horking sort-of-coughing sounds mixed with the hisses. I just want her to feel better. He’s still a bit of a ragdoll/jellyfish sleeper (it’s almost as if he doesn’t have any bones!), but he is more alert, started to play a lot more, and started jumping with much more accuracy.

Jasmine seemed to respond once again but just a few days later she was sick again. L-lysine can be helpful, as it inhibits herpesvirus’s ability to replicate, making it easier for the cat’s immune system to beat it back into remission. I’m taking him back tomorrow so they can draw more blood and send it off to a lab…. Direct Contact: Feline herpesvirus is transmitted by oral and respiratory secretions of a cat who is actively shedding the virus. High Digestibility Grain Free No Artificial Flavors or Colors. There is that possibility that the two are not connected… should take the sick ones in….they need to be checked for “cat flu”….given IV liquids and antibiotics, and blood tests run. After the heaves he would walk around a little wobbly and a tiny bit confused, and then within 2-4 minutes seem perfectly fine.

He believes it is feline herpes and gave me some tips for controlling flare ups (like Lysine and another gentle eye wash that I cannot remember the name of). The forums are a wonderful source of information and support for members of the horse community. So we kept her in the bathroom while our other cat, Bailey, was outside. My vet dont do instalments but have said I can pay £300 a month, alas I dont earn that much money so that option is also out of the window. It would be worth knowing what you are dealing with I think. Not comfortable with this assumption, did my own research and found a highly accurate test that can diagnose every upper respiratory disease out there using PCR technology. Maybe house been empty for a few days, cold weather and heating just affected them.

One of my previous cats (R.I.P) used to get an allergic reaction in the summer, similar to hay fever if he slept in long grass in the woodland below my garden. While posters are legally responsible for their statements, the moderators may in their discretion remove or edit posts that violate these rules.