How to Treat an Overused Muscle Injury

Redness, swelling, and heat are signs of inflammation, a word that comes from the Latin “inflammare,” which means “to set on fire.” So if you’re burning with pain, you’re naturally tempted to call on cold. On top of that, working out also strengthens the muscles surrounding the joints. See a masseuse specializing in pain relief or schedule an appointment with a sports massage therapist. of grape seed oil, 1/4 oz. Ice will decrease the swelling which will in turn reduce the pain. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen or naproxen, may cause stomach bleeding and other problems. Store in a cool place.

This is not a medicine or a drug and is not marketed for relief of arthritis pain. The wires deliver an electric charge that exercises your muscles by causing them to tighten and relax. While the muscle strain is healing, take care to protect the muscle from further injury. Another way to use heat is low-level heating. Why do you think a Jacuzzi feels so good when you are stiff? Protein is required for muscle repair and lack of sufficient protein can slow your recovery process. Not apply the heat for too long or too short.

It can be tempting to just sit around when experiencing soreness caused by an intense workout, but that can lead to stiffness. Large arms can aggravate elbow joints as well. Don’t use ice packs on the left shoulder if you have a heart condition, and don’t use ice packs around the front or side of the neck. When you apply heat, it increases blood flow, relaxes the muscle and helps the lactic acid to move on its way. Shoulder surgery may be recommended for some shoulder problems including arthritis, shoulder instability, or a torn rotator cuff. There are two kinds of active recovery, one where you perform your low intensity activity immediately after your work out, the second where you perform low intensity activity for the next couple of days after your sore muscle inducing work out. If you suspect heat cramps, have your child drink lots of fluids.

Autumn Harvest A true Autumn Scent with this warm, rustic blend of Whole Cloves and Cinnamon pieces, crisp orchard apples and sun-kissed oranges with fresh vanilla cream and woods. Shake the jar once or twice per day, or as often as you remember. It does not affect the efficacy of the product, but it may not be the same colour, and it may not be as smooth! Our 4 pack salt combo contains 4 of our most popular 3 oz. 10% of healthy children have harmless leg pains that come and go. Premiere’s Pain Spray is a strong herbal pain relief spray formula. Do not bandage tightly.

Keep out of reach of children. Rights-Managed Still Fee. The clear PVC pack makes it easier to see inside the unit during the resetting process. The Reusable Heat Packs are filled with a supersaturated liquid solution of sodium acetate and only use non-toxic food-grade products. This might be my favorite because it directly makes contact with the sore areas. Do not get the heating pack itself wet so if you wish to use it as a cold pack place it in a ziplock bag prior to putting it in the freezer. Long lasting 18 month shelf life.

NSAIDs aren’t candy, and taking more will not alleviate aches better or faster. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. I will be listing new essential oils & other beauty products in the weeks to come!the essential oils and health benefits in this serum : blue tansy – used for muscle pains, strains, arthritis, sciatica & rheumatismhelichrysum – used for muscle pain & arthritis german chamomile – relaxes tense muscles & has anti- inflammatory propertiesblack pepper – artritis, muscle relaxant rheumatoid arthritisbenzoin resin – rheumatoid arthritis, muscle relaxant, gout, imflammation of cracked rough skinwhite camphor – muscle stiffness and cramps in muscleseucalyptus – pain, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasmspoppy seed oil – inflammation, joint pain tamanu oil – pain reliever, anti-inflammatorybaobab oil – anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, healingfda disclaimer: these have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. Shop worry free! Great! Register to confirm your address. There are three options available: Unscented, Lavender Bergamot and Cedarwood Juniper.

When activated the therapeutic packs can be used for back pain relief, injuries, knees, shoulders and menstrual cramps. Heat can be provided by using any cloth that has been soaked in warm water. !!! We specialize in health and beauty items as well as vitamins and over the counter medications. This salve contains organic olive oil infused with Arnica montana, wild-crafted St. It can sometimes be confusing when to use hot or cold therapy for an injury or sore muscle. Karlynn Benson, who owns and operates Skyline Chiropractic in Burnsville, MN.