Horse Shipping Industry Puts on the Brakes for Equine Herpes Virus

If I’m involved with hosting an equine event or show, should the event/show continue or should it be cancelled or does it depend on the location of the event? We do have recommendations from experts for horses in high risk settings which may be at greater risk for exposure to horses with EHV-1 neurologic disease. The Kentucky Office of State Veterinarian has placed an order of quarantine on a barn on the backside of Turfway Park after a horse from that barn was tested by a PCR assay and determined to be positive to Equine Herpesvirus Type-1 ‘wild strain.’ The horse, a 2014 Thoroughbred filly, had been stabled in the barn at Turfway from October 30 through January 19, 2017. Transport of all horses between stables and states should be limited, as too should the movement of all related workers. I) winner Summerly was a surprise no-show when entries were drawn on Thursday for Saturday’s $150,000-added Dogwood Breeders’ Cup (gr. With the outbreak apparently waning and with show organizers in the area starting to go ahead with their scheduled events, the worst of the herpes scare may be behind the equestrian world. The US diagnosed six cases of nocardioform placentitis and abortion.

The animal identification, drug name, date(s) of administration, the route of administration, and the drug withdrawal time prior to slaughter must be documented. Vertical transmission also appears to be negligible or nonexistent. Trained students acted as NJDA’s “ambassadors” to provide information to their fellow horsemen about ways to minimize the chance of WNV infection on farms and at competitions. Those who waited until fall to treat experienced a 48 percent death loss, while those who treated in late summer experienced a 17 percent death loss. Lexington is expected to have the edge. The United States reported cases/outbreaks of salmonellosis during the third quarter. Enzootic subtypes of VEE are also found in Florida, the Rocky Mountains and northern plains of the United States.

Seventy-one positive Thoroughbreds on 36 premises were identified in South Korea. If an owner has a horse that is exhibiting neurologic signs or suspects EHV-1, they are directed to call their veterinarian immediately. Dr. The NJDA Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory provides testing for the neurologic form of EHV-1. An erythematous macular, papular, or morbilliform skin rash occasionally develops on the neck, trunk, arms or legs. HSVI 1 can be associated with fatal brain infections, though it is rare. Canada confirmed 13 cases of equine infectious anemia.

Horses may become profoundly depressed (therefore the name “Sleeping Sickness”) or exhibit abnormal behavior such as propulsive walking, head-pressing, aggressiveness, circling or hyperexcitability. Outbreaks of EHV-4 respiratory disease were reported by France (11 outbreaks in five regions), Germany (single cases on two premises), and Britain (one outbreak involving three thoroughbred yearlings). People may also become infected if a mosquito carrying the EEE virus bites a human instead of a horse. As farmers, USDA and state agencies are gearing up to prepare for the next round of flu season, it is important to keep in mind the many other potential pathogens that could present a risk to our animal (and by extension) human populations. Pusterla said that, using this method, 89% of sick horses tested positive and 91% of healthy horses tested negative, resulting in a 90% agreement between clinical status and disease detection. Second dose:  4 to 5 months. 20 qualifier at the Meadowlands Racetrack.

Equine herpesvirus-4 was reported in Queensland, Australia (one case) and France (nine premises). Tamassia returned to the U.S. Today, West Nile virus (WNV) might seem like just another preventable disease and a shot your horse gets once or twice a year—a single vaccine listed among several others in the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ (AAEP) core recommendations. Abortion due to EHV-1 was recorded in France (two cases), Germany (single case), Japan (single case), and the USA (two cases). In the US, 59 cases were diagnosed in 14 states; other countries reported isolated cases of the disease. Please refer to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) web page for more information Track marketing director Ethan Linder said the status of the Sunland Derby would be determined once the track has cleared up the outbreak and resumed racing.

The large business owns 34 tractor trailers and employs several hundred people, including 40 to 80 drivers, depending upon the season. While not a contagious disease, tetanus is acquired via infection of a wound, especially a puncture wound, or through other exposed tissue. They can be painful, causing difficulty in eating and drinking. The horse tested positive for EHV-1, wild-type strain. Overall, 16 of the 28 (57%) horses were discharged and, of the 14 from which follow-up information was available, 13 (93%) were reported to be clinically normal 4 to 6 weeks following discharge, while the other horse had markedly improved.