Great Expectations

Hopefully the virus will not strike again but, if it does, the mahouts’ vigilance could make all the difference. U.S. Bruce Upchurch, the zoo’s curator of elephants, crosses his fingers, his arms, then his legs in a sign of hope. A 17-week-old bobcat named Sierra looks around at the Houston Zoo on Friday, Jan. Karishma arrived this month from Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, where she was born and raised. But the success of some reintroduction plans is not verified. So when the Oregon Zoo asked if it could borrow Tusko to breed with its cow elephants, the Johnsons agreed.

On Saturday 22nd January 2011: Jamilah is daughter to proud mother Thi and father Upali. For years, some zoos have facilitated elephant courtship by loading a female onto a truck, driving her to a breeding bull and hoping for the best. So anything you could do to stabilize that would be good. 69-98 in Wemmer, C. In other words, visiting elephants in zoos is not necessary for education and elephant conservation purposes, at least according to this limited survey. sanctuaries don’t breed elephants. Smokey, who trampled handler Lorne Jackson to death in 1991, was one of just three breeding bulls left in the United States.

Prospects may have been high for those involved in the process, but plans quickly took a turn when unexpected weather got in the way. Last week, a 35-year-old patrol elephant named Yongki was found dead near his camp at the South Bukit Barisan National Park (TNBBS) in Lampung with his ivory tusks missing, leading to public anger. Venturing into the outside world for the first time, Chester Zoo´s four-day-old elephant calf has already proved a hit with the crowds. 10. Male elephants also are slaughtered for their ivory tusks. Toronto’s council made the decision after it felt zoo staff couldn’t find a fitting accredited zoo fast enough. It will need to be safe from the adult elephants but allow for visual, auditory, and olfactory contact.

The calf, named Ajabu, was born back in early May but just now made his public debut at the zoo for all to see. Elephants have entranced Oregonians since at least April 14, 1962, when Portland’s beloved Packy arrived. Numerous other baby elephants have also died at the compound. Perhaps that tragedy and the public ire and rumbles about prosecution it incited, weighed on Jensen’s mind. The Zoos bull elephant, 17-year-old Raja, is the father of both babies. As the months passed, Kijana grew under Colleen’s care. Elephants are self-aware and recognize themselves in mirrors.

She filmed their responses (and asked an independent colleague to confirm her interpretations). Do you think Rani the elephant should still be in a breeding program? The Woodland Park Zoo’s three female elephants are between the ages of 32 and 45 years old. “We will be at the fair this season and we hope that you visit us and our elephants,” Kari Johnson said at the press conference. Barack and his mother, Bonnie, are currently at the conservation center. There is also a high degree of stillbirths, or death during the first month. Zookeepers and policymakers who aren’t moved by all this suffering might instead be convinced by the simple fact that it costs a fortune to keep elephants so miserable.

The life delivered tales aplenty: the time he gave mouth-to-blowhole resuscitation to a captive killer whale; the year he herded elephants and other beasts through Washington Park’s winding roads to move them to the new zoo grounds; the day he shot and killed bears deemed too dangerous to move to the new zoo; the time he contracted a highly contagious, often lethal herpes virus from an African green monkey. Her father, Raja, was the first elephant born at the Saint Louis Zoo. Even though Tarli was more interested in playing, the cake was very much enjoyed by her mum Damini, and aunties Chandrika and Yu Zin! They dried her with clean towels, wrapped a rope harness around her front shoulders and used it to help her stand. Baylor and Tupelo swimming in the pool at the Houston Zoo. Bala Hi Way, who was born in January 2013, became ill over the weekend and was being treated by veterinary teams at the zoo. Louis Zoo officials are unsure why Ellie, a pregnant Asian elephant who has successfully given birth to two calves in the past, suffered a miscarriage Thursday morning.

At a Tuesday news conference, Oregon Zoo Director Kim Smith confirmed a Seattle Times report that the newborn calf is owned by Have Trunk Will Travel, of Perris, Calif., which rents out pachyderms to the entertainment industry, stages circuslike events and offers elephant rides at $500 an hour. Firefighters used special inflating airbags to lift the 7,700-pound elephant Savannah when she could not stand on her own Monday morning at the El Paso Zoo.