Gravel Courtyards Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

If you are looking to have a water feature in your garden it doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can often do it yourself with little experience and a bit of guidance. This can be a very effective option for someone who wants to get the modern and cubic style garden or may be suited for someone who prefers not to use bold, bright colours. If the area is particularly shady then the gravel will most likely end up discolouring and going green. A gravel path may not be the right option if you have frequent snow, use a cane or walker, or would like to be able to walk bare-foot on the path. Wooden Boardwalk If your garden is on a slop, try a tiered board walk. Plants are left to self-seed and create a wonderfully natural effect, but make sure you remove every scrap of perennial weed during the preparation. The soil needs the extra nutrients and good drainage to prevent soggy roots and infertile conditions.

Whatever you want from your garden, there are a variety of gardening solutions that can be built in to make life easier. For year-round good looks, combine spring and summer bulbs with drought-tolerant evergreen ground covers that can be mowed once or twice a year. Moss will grow in the soil between the bricks, which is great for a shabby-chic, country-cottage look. Low evergreen plants and pebbles may form interesting geometric pattern. Waist-height hedges mean you get the most light streaming through your windows. Many articles have been written giving different ideas on lawn edging. Personality was added to this kitchen with some interesting vintage pieces.

The client wanted to change an overgrown herbaceous border into an area requiring little maintenance. This neutral foyer is decorated with a large seagrass basket tucked under a wood sawhorse table, topped with glass lamp, framed sea fan and natural plants. Cicely (aged 3) has immediately seen it as a great new place to dig for mud pie ingredients. Other options similar to gravel are crushed stone or concrete, and pebbles. I wish I had a better angle of this room because it feels quite bare. For a wider selection use our Plant Finder and select ‘Mediterranean’ garden style and ‘Drought Resistant’ under the ‘moisture’ category or ask one of our qualified horticulturalists at the nursery for more advice. With a unique raised island, this kitchen is great for entertaining and cooking.

A practical patio which doubles up as a place to park your car or bike can, when combined with neat ornamental touches, remain an attractive focal point. Simply refinish the material or add a painted design with stencils. These woods do a fine job at straight-line borders, but can’t handle curves. However, if you are the DIY type and want to tackle the entire thing with the help of friends and family (or if you’re looking for ideas to pass on to the experts), take inspiration from the images below! Edible pathways here we come! The most beautiful and spectacular gardens are the ones on a slope, because it’s easier for you to structure your back garden, by creating platforms on different levels. Here some of the garden literally hangs off the edge of a cliff, while more traditional bedding is protected behind walls: ‘There’s a saying in Cornwall: you can either have a garden or a view,’ says Mark Pollard from East Devon’s parks, who’s in charge of the planting at Connaught Gardens.

I can’t afford to have the sloping path stepped, so am looking for some other way to do this. To make sure the bark is even and to move it under plants and shrubs, use the flat edge of a soil rake. We would also suggest to do a PH test on your soil, this will give you an indication of whether you need to add additional nutrients to your soil to ensure it is healthy. The dining room is charming and feminine. Step by step reassurance and detailed explanation increased customer confidence, and the end result delighted. A 60′ x 34′ custom Gunite swimming pool with a striking negative edge element and an oversized spa sit at edge of the pool house terrace. Yes they are expensive to buy, 6 to 7 pounds a box and you will hear lots of reports of how it’s a waste of money.

Beautiful outdoor stairs and landscaping steps allow to walk comfortably without the risk of stepping on your flowers even if your garden sits on a slope. Whatever the reason, it usually leads to a particular sort of garden layout: borders, generally too narrow to build up any depth in plant groups, all the way round the edge of the plot, a path making another circuit round the inside edge of the borders, or, if money and energy run out, leading up just one side of the plot, parallel with the boundary.