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There is no narration or discussion of them being released that way. Welcome to our humble, albeit text savvy backwards forum. Voor meer informatie zie ons cookiebeleid. Default capture size – 640×480. As an example, if you’re hitting 5th before the line, a taller tyre might be enough to keep it in 4th. Just showing the OP the different looks. Aiming for an 8.9 last I heard from him.

After driving for a while one hole on the tips go black while the other stays silver . Good luck to those lucky enough to have secured one. PM me if you like? Before you do, take it back to a dealer and explain your situation. . Did i read that wrong ? My own thoughts now, noting the highlighted areas, it is even more grey now than when it all started by asking questions 4 weeks ago.

Slammed it around a corner and the thing corrected itself after sliding out hard. Mine also has been optioned with the suede covered console which is also in pretty average condition but I haven’t attempted to give that a proper clean yet. No the SV5000 style wheel isn’t standard for VR senator. Man, that is nice. I have just brought one. On the flip side there are plenty of people with a gilmer belt setups who drive around with a spare belt and tools for road side changes. What kind of kms are people getting out of the R8 in auto and mix driving ?

Make sure you get bilstein with glare nuts so you can slide and lock down in the front struts………You may have to revalve a few times till its where you like , but that’s the best suspension setup , be tens of thousands of hrs put in to get to tht set up , it works… I have a VP HSV Enhanced Calais with the family rims. I to like the rims and also think they suit the car, like the lip on them. But all would have been fitted at dealer level. What was the turnaround time? I’d start around 25 and work down 0.5-1PSI at a time until they hook up. Everyone knows that car/body kit/ engine & colour & everyone knows what it is….

Have approached HSV direct about these rims and got a reply stating you can only order parts your car was fitted with. . Oh my god! hi do you really think their are only 33 gts in the country, try looking at the hsv dealers own stock adds you could almost pick your colour and gearbox with whats in stock. The kick down on the four speed can become “confused” so I often drive it as a manual for faster action. Will have another go at it when I get home. But yes, the VZ Monaro has a very small boot due to the fuel tank being moved.

Promises to be some farewell! I should put a wanted ad up. Then you can spend the difference in price at Walkinshaw etc and end up spending the same and paying the same price for insurance. Replace call button ( works only for supported languages ) Click messages to reply/forward/see info More to come. In recent models HSV has gained notoriety for its luxury appointments as well as its performance credentials and Z Series is no exception. For dates and booking arrangements, interested motorsport fans – or those looking to buy a once-in-lifetime experience for a partner, family member or friend – can check the HSV website or call (03) 9427 0519. _________________________ We`re told not to judge all Muslims for the actions of a few radicals.

nice set up. I’m Selling Now, Because I Need A Ute Being A Mechanic, And I Was Planning To Keep This As A Weekender, But Don’t Wanna See It Go To Waste. You can switch between, or if you’re running out on one, it cuts over the other seamlessly. Do we agree or did the sales charts lie back then and the AU was the better car? You’ll need to know the driver’s habits and preferences before you select a brake pad to match their driving style. Only 250 were imported for this version. these are the “lower quality” shots ( JPG off the camera, not the raw shots ) so bear with me.

Visit the GM Authority forum today! Been told its one of few that were special ordered in this colour which is Ignition. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. – External change support (modifications done outside of the program are picked up and reflected). Am Mittwoch, 10.05.2017, wird der Lauf in der Pauliner Marsch für Bremer Schulen und Kitas stattfinden. The new Vauxhall Astra VXR and it’s most powerful front-wheel-drive hot hatch currently one sale because under the bonnet there’s a 2.0-litre turbo with 276bhp that’s good for 0-62mph in just 5.9 seconds.