Full Text Article: Selective sparing of memory functioning in a patient with amnesia following herpes

Baking soda is an effective treatment for getting rid of herpes fast. It was a friend and neighbor of her daughter, calling from Schenectady, N.Y. On the right side of his brain, there seems to be a wastage of the temporal lobe with the lateral lobe being better preserved. She says he remembers her and their mutual love and that music is a wonderful pastime for both of them. She had the ability to state specifically which situations were more challenging as a result of her memory impairment, analyze the cognitive demands of a given task, and formulate a plan to compensate for the memory impairment. Carotid peripheral vascular laboratory (PVL) identified moderate stenosis of 50 to 69 percent in the bilateral internal carotid arteries associated with atherosclerotic plaque. This suggests that CH had preserved declarative memory for the music, despite her overall poor performance on a battery of standardized memory tests.

They become amnestic for recent events and unable to lay down new memories for a few hours. Neuron, Vol. Symptoms typically last for less than a day and there is often no clear precipitating factor nor any other neurological deficits. Second, does the form of the reallocated memory change or stay the same? First, is a memory trace ever actually “stored” within the hippocampus? In most hippocampal pathways, NMDA-Rs are involved in synaptic modification, which is an activity-dependent, graded response, also known as long-term potentiation.15 The NMDA-R’s involvement in spatial learning and long-term potentiation is a key feature of memory formation. Though most researchers, including Hasselmo et al., have found the consolidation process is spread out over several hours before transitioning from a fragile to a more permanent state, others, including Brown et al., posit that memory consolidation can take months or even years in a drawn-out process of consolidation and reinforcement.

CD68 revealed an upregulation of microglia, in places in clumps presumed to be associated with plaques. In most experiments to date, learning on the TP task has been compared with learning on a three-phase control task in which there is no overlap of objects across pairs, as in (D, E), (F, G), and (H, I), and their left–right reversals. Thus far, investigations of the impact of amnesia, or the role of the hippocampus, in language function have been directed at formal aspects of language rather than to real-world aspects of language-in-use. Conclusion-Quantified MRI can be a useful technique with which to examine brain-cognitive relations, provided that detailed techniques are explicitly described. Consistent with this contention, a number of studies have reported that amnesic patients, including those with severe hippocampal damage, may show preserved capacities for certain forms of non-declarative learning (Milner, 1962; Corkin, 1968, 2002; Stefanacci et al., 2000; Eichenbaum, 2013). Cognitive effects of epilepsy and anticonvulsant medications. P.’s brain.

She had undergone multiple endovascular interventions in the past. A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician. There are also several non memory related characteristics of amnesia which appear in A.S., degrees of which depend on the origin of the syndrome, for instance the location of injury and which parts of the brain are affected. This dissociation led these authors to distinguish between declarative forms of memory (dependent on the medial temporal lobe system), and procedural, nondeclarative forms of knowledge which are often spared in amnesic patients. These seizures progressed to become bilateral with 10-Hz rhythmic spike-and-wave complexes involving the left frontotemporal head region, and this spread to the left hemisphere and evolved to 4- to 5-Hz theta activity with amplitude of 60 μV. The principal objective of this work was to study anterograde amnesia in several patients with TGA during the attack, with the aid of a prospectively designed protocol aimed at differentiating between selective disorders of encoding, storage, and retrieval of information in episodic memory. Brain magnetic resonance imaging revealed atrophic changes in bilateral medial temporal lobes.

Such damage can occur due to various types of injury including traumatic brain injury (TBI), oxygen deprivation (e.g. In some cases, the episodic verbal amnesia was associated with a semantic deficit which included the knowledge of some words. This good verbal memory success is conspicuous in the light of her otherwise severe memory impairments. An insidious onset, which neither the patient nor family members can pinpoint accurately, may be associated with an emerging HIV-related dementia or a degenerative process. and Bright, P. Depending on the cause, amnesia may arise suddenly or slowly and may be temporary or permanent. It may result from traumatic brain injury, degeneration, metabolic disorders, seizures, or psychologic disturbances.

Author manuscript; available in PMC 2006 December 12. Bethany Marshall started life over at 17 and has found her future. Bizarre or altered behavioral patterns traditionally are felt to relate to psychiatric disorders or generalized delirium from drugs, toxins, or metabolic imbalances.