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I am HSV1 pos. No additional HIV or hepatitis C testing is warranted at this time. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barre, and so my immune system is not 100% most of the time. Hi, I’m sort of freaking out here. Why is there any value at all? Are you able to help me answer Q’s 1 + 2 ? But I think you would know by now if you had a severe autoimmune disease.

She wiped me with a rag, I left. If you think that your newborn has a cold sore, call your doctor straight away. Never disregard to seek medical advice from your doctor or health care professional or a delay in such advice, just because you read something on this site. It is proven that herpes seroconversion is delayed by acyclovir. (See below.) I once again urge all readers to check the archives before submitting their questions!!! since then I have tested to 101 days negative through numerous oral swabs, finger pricks, and a 12 week HIV 1/O/2 and std test which all came back negative. Stay well.

HIV is not your problem. However these are just a few cases and in majorty of cases with the present tests we are able to conclusively say whether someone is infected with HIV or not at 12 weeks. I have a sore throat every other day. Many people are afraid of being co-infected with HCV and HIV. Your hard work and dedication to all of us who need answers doesnt go unnoticed. Check the archives! That’s a basic for all HIV infected persons, even when safe sex is planned–because intentions of safety often fall away in the heat of the moment, and condoms sometimes fail.

Probably late 30’s early 40’s. Why is there any value at all? This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why 20% of the 1.2 million Americans infected with HIV today go undiagnosed. Learn how in this video. Sorry for my bad English! Conclusively negative results or a no-risk situation will be based upon the criteria established by MedHelp’s doctors. Biggest mistake of my life.

He is red, itchy, then scab forms. No. Washed myself in the bathroom a few times, bought hand sanitizer and water and used that on the way home down there. Biggest mistake of my life. Tested positive for HSV1 via culture at this time. You have a great question and took great ownership for your health by getting tested. I also found out that I’m anemic (low MCV count) according to some recent blood work that was done.

You provide no information about the context from which your questions comes so my answers will be more general than they would be if you had provided more information. At the time of initial diagnosis approximately one third of HIV patients already have an immunodeficiency with a CD4 T cell count below 200/μl. It has been only documented that either being infected with Hepatitis C, or starting PEP (Post exposure prophylaxis, or HIV-specific protease inhibitors), may affect the seroconversion process. Seronegative HIV infection has been described previously but is quite unusual. 10 days after the encounter, I got had tingling in my genital area, and when I inspected, I found what looked like a rash with cracks or slits in the skin. I am a college student and the school offers free standard testing and STD screening but not PCR tests. However, there has been a resurgence of new HIV infections among men who have sex with men (MSM), particularly in Canada, Australia, Western Europe and the United States.

Dr. [25] We determined the HSV-2 baseline prevalence and incidence among enrolled women in Pretoria, South Africa, and evaluated the performance of the Kalon and HerpeSelect HSV-2 serological assays using cross-sectional and longitudinal samples. A previously healthy 32-year-old man presented to the emergency department with ascending muscle weakness and paresthesias. Hello, i had depressed immune system since i was a child, i am having herpes zoster 1-2 a year, and generally vulnerable to flues. 1. EBV or CMv. Clinical illness accompanies primary HIV infection in approximately two-thirds of patients, usually within several days to several weeks of exposure.

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