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He has been doing this for weeks and will more than likely end up in court for slandering Dr. Another problem with ordering online. 7. You admitted on another site that your weather was freezing, but it was all FH’s fault for shipping. customer service… We also include many historical and local names to the common names list. cool all the same.

7. We have yet not received our refund, and we are EXPECTING a FULL refund like they had told us. Cmon now really? I plan on ordering another one, I just need to be more careful who I order from this time. I sent an email to the owner of this company saying what happened and he basically said she was totally right and if I didn’t find the form she doesn’t need to help me again. You lose the advantage of holding and checking the animal before buying. ANY HONEST ADULT would post their tracking number and be done.

No person shall capture, molest, possess, sell or offer for sale any endangered or threatened species except by special permit from the FWC executive director. Check our help page for help using , or send questions, comments, or suggestions to the Manager. When I contacted the company again, I was accused of being a liar. Anoles are another one that were everywhere, often inside the house as well. Then desgniated me as the author and gave all of my personal information, name, cellnumber, and address. Cause and Effect – look it up Professor! A large Coachwhip was found going into a Gopher Tortoise burrow and Glenn raked up a Peninsula Mole Skink, but other than that, nothing else.

Back in Central New Jersey, I had two main goals for the rest of the 2015 season. We then returned with a team of about 11 people from the previously listed agencies, and with Mike’s brilliant planning, we were able to isolate the croc into a small section of a box canal using nets, and after several hours of tightening down our search area I was able to get a rope on the croc, pull it up and jump it. Thank you for stopping by, we hope you find our site useful. I caught a couple very large greens. For those of you who do not care about any thing other than herps, here are the only herp pictures I took, gators. These are not trip reports, but photos of herps found on the trips, many of which are also found on this web site. It’s amazing how difficult they can be to find.

A couple of Ladies lagers after getting caught in a downpour. But persevere we did, through every danger, toil and snare (see aforementioned). Most species also include beautiful and precise hand drawn images illustrating the mouth parts or a side view of the tadpoles. 15, 2013 after a jury trial in Philadelphia. After high-fiving Chris several times, I realized the monkey was finally off my back! Pre-Sale/Early Admission from 9:30-10:00am. Like other Northern American tortoise species, Gopher Tortoises make their own burrows.

There’s a convenience store in Flamingo, but nowhere proper to eat this time of year. Not to get all social commentary but I was shocked, to say the least, at the drug problem. A large preserve near my grandparents’ house has a pretty sizeable population. In areas of well drained soil, sandhill habitats once dominated. Nice to see some Green Anoles hanging on in Florida! Florida’s unusually cold weather will likely not cause many mortalities, but, as illustrated above, may render the snakes more vulnerable to people and predators. On Friday FedEx shows up with a large box.

I’m not the sort to oggle the ladies on there, though I do find them attractive, but I also see a sort of comedic aspect to it as well. Like others, I made a purchase from them due to their prices. Subforums for different areas and countries, as well as photography, literature, and other related topics. Size Adults are generally 22 – 40 inches long (56 – 101 cm) and up to 60 inches (152 cm.) Appearance A dark, heavy-bodied snake with heavily-keeled scales. I wanted to send out a special thanks to Alan ER and to George L. He turned out to be a really good bloke whose work among other things included breeding various Rat snakes, undertaking educational displays, wildlife doco’s, research, and taking punters out herping (licenced). After spending a few minutes photographing two of the snakes, I continued on to my grandparents’  place to visit with them.

There is a Pine Woods Treefrog on this bark, promise. This one took us to Florida for the tail end of December. This guy a little bigger out on the crawl. There are a lot of herps in Florida….narrowing it down will help greatly.