five mile radius

We first saw the bark shingles used in the Solar Homestead house by Appalachian State for the Solar Decathlon. Symmetrical, strong and renewable, poplar bark became their medium, and the couple trained a network of woodsmen throughout the Appalachian Mountain region who cleanly strip the bark as poplar trees are harvested for timber; today Highland Craftsmen buys from some 500 vendors who bring bark fresh to Spruce Pine for kiln drying. We source 95% of our RAW™ (Reclaimed Appalachian Wood Waste) materials from a 50 mile radius, and make all the products on-site. Materials & instructions will be provided to anyone who registers but is unable to attend. “We are so disconnected,” she says. We used the 18-inch-wide standard-grade shingles, although a more deeply ridged premium grade exists. Highland Craftsmen embodies sustainability as a company.

“Naw, gotta move to a Pine patch.” Great, I guess we’ll try to capture something next year. Industrialists departed the likes of Chicago, St. Next week we will explore the spacious and inviting outdoor living area of this timber frame hybrid home. Building a floating home on land ensures the home remains level at all times. Philosophy:  The N.C. The architectural evolution of the colosseum began in Rome. The initial SketchUp mass model anchors the entry to the top of the hill.

Karjalaisten Kulttuuri, Kuopio, 2008. I would think that as the water evaporates, the bark would separate. Read on for the details surrounding the loss of this once great tree species and its now valued replacement- poplar bark siding. Drying Stacks of flattened bark cladding are kiln dried and brought down to very low moisture content. Experience the difference that Parton Lumber bark siding makes on your home – and your habitat. Bark Siding by Parton Lumber remains of the utmost quality, and our harvesting practices remain superb and completely eco-friendly. You might even want to build an exclusive treehouse for yourself and cover it in poplar bark shingles.

HGTV will be airing several segments featuring the house, and interviews with those involved in the project, including Natural Bark Siding’s creator and owner, Jim Furniss of Furniss Enterprises, Inc. Before buying your bark siding be sure it comes with an environmental conscious source, such as Parton Lumber. Another benefit of Bark siding is that it is not confined to outdoor use only. The inner cells of the tree are protected by the outer air-filled layer, the tree bark. Discounts are available to distributors that can resell our bark shingles to their customers. Let your building imagination open up freely and give us a call for a quote, questions, or order for interior grade poplar bark siding. You can imagine the old timers putting it up that way due to the ease and less labor it would take to create the even look.

In addition, our bark siding increases the value of homes, while vinyl sidingcan actually decrease the value of a home, especially in a historic neighborhood. What’s he going to treat it with? Bacon, a believer in the use of site-available materials, was the first to specify that Chestnut bark be squared into rectangular pieces and applied as siding – on a house he was designing for Donald MacRae, Jr. …and have been featured in: Mountain Living    May / June 2000 Second Home         Fall 1999 Regional Publications Designer Showcases and HGTV! Bark shingles were originally designed by Henry Bacon, best known for designing the Lincoln Memorial. Parton Bark Siding is of the utmost quality in bark siding. These can be used for interior paneling, wainscoting, facing doors and furniture, shelving, and other projects.

Modern exteriors later took over the bark siding’s popularity, until recently. Chestnut siding was preferred until the chestnut blight killed the majority of chestnut trees. This gorgeous place is home to Brent and Autumn Simmons in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Finally, the shingles are squared, graded, and packaged for delivery. Recently, we were introduced to a building product that is truly green. Recently, we were introduced to a building product that is truly green. You don’t have to know everything about what we do to appreciate the Bark House® brand.

While all James Hardie® siding and trim products are available primed and ready for field painting, when you invest in ColorPlus® Technology, you’re getting a consistent coat of proprietary finish that was baked-on in a closely controlled factory environment. They are being replaced with Poplar wood shingles in an effort to maintain the look of the rustic architecture introduced into the area by Henry Bacon a century ago. Our rustic and resilient bark siding was noticed by BPD’s writers, and they contacted us in December to do an interview with our very own Patrick Parton. They made it out to be this magnificent home that anybody would want, but in reality, it’s a disaster that people joke about.