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I knew that their eyes looked horrible – puffy, red, and sometimes swollen to the point they couldn’t close them. We also give him 5 drops of NUTRAMEDIX SAMENTO CATS CLAW in a small syringe of water twice daily. Our three cats get canned and some raw food and a midnight snack of a dry kibble, about 1 TBSP each. @BellaLuna777 I am also in Canada. However, an ulcer may become worse if neglected, treated improperly, or if normal healing is interfered with. In the first, recently completed study,23 our objectives were to determine whether cats inoculated with FVRCP vaccines grown on the CRFK cell line develop antibodies against CRFK lysates or renal cell lysates (FRC), whether cats hypersensitized with CRFK lysate develop antibodies against CRFK cell lysates or FRC lysates, and whether FVRCP vaccination or hypersensitization with CRFK cell lysates induces clinical pathological or histopathological abnormalities over a 56 week period. This is nonsense unless you have shelter or breeding facility.

As far as vaccinations. I’m so relieved! So hopefully this round of antibiotics works well for her! Thanks also for your feedback. I know my cat – from his heart history, what the stand in vet talked to us about, and what I’ve researched on the internet I truly don’t believe he’s having seizures. We have the right to reproduce statements made in the forums. Do not air grievances regarding other posters or the moderators in the discussion forums.

Kinda the free clinics humans can use? Seems to me that this whole thread boils down to – get a vet out there ASAP and deal with the situation accordingly. I called the vet. I haven’t met anyone with a CH’er that would trade them for anything. Paid advertising is available on our classifieds site and through the purchase of banner ads. It won’t spread or increase in size.. Company representatives may participate in discussions and answer questions about their products or services, or suggest their products on recent threads if they fulfill the criteria of a query.

Yearly rabies vaccination is big business and materially impacts the small-animal vet practice! Canned food is particularly good in this regard, especially if it happens to contain fish. So, I always end up back at square one. The vaccine most likely to cause cancer is the feline leukemia vaccine. That’s probably why they were digging at the carpet over there – they could smell it and were probably wondering what the heck it was. I have no idea! I wouldn’t even know where to start with all this!!!!

*A ‘carrier’ is a cat who continues to harbor the virus but does not show any signs of the disease. Both of which she loves to munch on frequently. FeLV is also a virus, but that’s really a separate issue. Not that’s it’s 100% genetic, but the likelihood of getting a sprayer is reduced if it doesn’t run in the line, by my own experience anyway. Good luck for getting on top of the illness. 4) Other than the wobbly/weak hind limbs, what other clinical signs are being seen? Lowered immunity may be related to inbreeding, but ringworm, URIs, worm infestations, and giardia are not, so far as I know.

He was recently dx with ear polyps in both ears. However, Zylkene (recommended by the vet) seems to have calmed him down a lot. His paws have healed up, and besides the eye issues, they have high hopes for his health long-term. The list covers more than 100 topics, which are alphabetized and cross-referenced, to make it easier to locate a subject. I figure she just has a cold and if it doesn’t get better in the next 2 or 3 days, I’ll take her to the vet. This past year one of our boys Rocky, was treated by radiotherapy for hyperthyroidism and shortly afterwards diagnosed with Pemphigus Foliaceus. Over the past 5 years, I’ve become friends with Dr Richard Ford, now emeritus at NC State (ranked the 3rd best vet school in the US) who has also become my mentor and feels I have a good grasp of vaccine issues.

We had an ultra sound done by a top specialist and he said he is at the nearly terminal stage. He does house visits. What allergy symptoms does she have (itching, fur-mowing, digestive upset)? Asthma, Feline Herpes, ect… Feline herpes virus is the most common cause of what is referred to as KCS, also known as Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, and is the medical term that describes dry eye in cats. Did you know. The symptoms are very similar!

Is this a school scandal in the flesh? I’m glad to hear that Clay and Angus are doing as well as they are but I’m sorry to hear that Clays feline herpes is back…. L-Lysine and Feline Herpes **Update Oct.