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Drugs used to treat asthma have not disqualify donation. I have a toddler and petseven 2 cats, and can’t catch these vermin! No trouble since and that was months ago after having these sores for months and months prior. For example, if he has HSV-1 and performs oral sex on you, you can end up with HSV-1 on your genitals. Drug and preservative side effects should be understood for each drug that is prescribed so that toxicity, and allergy, are included in the risk/benefit assessment for topical therapy. Cat urine carpet clean cat urine mattress clean urine cleaning cat Reviews Cat Poop carpets clean cute conjunctivitis kitty Images cystitis in cats death of a cat – Dealing with dental problems cat deworming Kitten diarrhea kitty cats ear mites in euthanasia cats flea allergy dermatitis flea flea kittens as getting rid of health problems Hairballs fleas home to get rid of cats in heat cats. In adult cats, the disease can be triggered by stress or immunosuppressive drugs.

Find contact details for over 3000 key organisations in more than 190 countries. NOTE: FIV and FeLV are only contagious between catsyou can’t catch them from your pet. Since you’ve had no other partners in 16 years and hubby is testing negative, it’s most likely that indeed you have been infected since before him and never realized it and luck has been on your side that he hasn’t been infected. Because of the contagious nature of the disease, cats with upper respiratory disease are generally not hospitalized unless their symptoms are severe. Catster asked me whether I have anything to add to the feline herpes conversation. Canine Viral herpes often is brought into a breeders home by a visiting dog or even your own dog who has been to a show or boarded at a kennel. Dogs and cats can get hantavirus but do not spread it to humans.

Infection with lungworm can cause serious health problems in dogs, and is often fatal if not diagnosed and treated. (He sleeps in funny positions, but this doesn’t have anything to do with his herpes infection! Tube feeding is quite difficult–the tube frequently gets clogged and requires great hand-strength to flush a little water in and then pull back to loosen and suck up the stuck food. the cornea (ay) rubbed to dispel the ulcer and had a monthly decline Fucithalmic. then yesterday, march 4th she ended up back into the vet. RebeccaVet : but she could have other bacterial infections, like bordatella, mycoplasma, and they are contagious. The virus can live outside the cat’s body for a period of time and infection can be transmitted via anything your cat comes into contact with.

It is quite common for these cats to have nasal and ocular discharges. I am really lost at what to do or what to expect, and I guess just need some reassurance (or cold direct advice). Feline herpes virus is not contagious to humans so you or I can’t get it. The paste is also designed to be used on kittens. I was told it was draining due to his upper resp. This seemed to help a bit. For many years around the fall season my cats would get a cold or rhinitis.

FVR has a two to five day incubation period. She always has sniffles, sometimes worse than others, and always leave spots on our walls. Feline Herpesvirus infection or Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis. This led to the widespread use of oral L-lysine gels for the treatment of herpes symptoms in cats, especially those associated with the eyes and nose. FHV- 1 is the most common cause of keratitis and corneal ulcers in cats and gummy eyes in kittens. From what I’ve read and heard the feline herpes virus is really not too big of a deal. The ear mites are long gone, but one of his ears still has chronic “stuff” that accumulates in it.

Your vet will make this diagnosis based on symptoms and can have the diagnosis confirmed by taking a swab from your cat’s throat and sending it to the laboratory for testing. This entry was posted on Sunday, January 18th, 2009 at 8:25 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. The FHV-1 virus reactivates when the cat is under stress, including emotional or physical stress. Anti-inflammatory steroids are often used in combination but never alone, since steroids can make secondary infections worse. Just like in people, the virus is diagnosed by the variety of symptoms your cat may exhibit. We actually had to pay more for his cold than for the teeth cleaning! I took in a cat that had aids so I did extensive searching and asking my vet about transmission and all that.

Ulceration of the eyes is called dendritic keratitis. It is very common for new pet owners to obtain a kitten or new cat with a crusty nose, weepy eyes and a sneeze.