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Have done 4 other HPT’s and lines are getting darker!! Midday temp 99.2; nagging headache late in the day. Blessed be His name! CD21 (4 DPO): Temp 97.8. 7dpo: Tested this morning with first morning pee. It was like burned coffee and ammonia. Bloody nose.

Is this normal, I really was setting myself up for the worst. 14 dpo 98.7breasts sore when I got out of bed in morning. Looks like you will be able to test in a couple of days. Nauseous and exhausted. No leg cramps tho. Gross, sorry… Also a really bad lower back ache.

It makes me nervous but I have read it is very normal and can continue for weeks but it really does feel exactly the same!! Tiny spotting, pink. It really sucks as with my first child I conceived first time so I didn’t expect this second time around. On 12/05/15 I started the Ketogenic Diet. I was taking some when seeing a different practitioner at the end of last year – but they threw my very predictable cycles out of whack. Untreated, this condition can be extremely serious and possibly fatal.Ocular Herpes and Vision LossHerpetic infections of the eye (ocular herpes) occur in about 50,000 Americans each year. 7 dpo- Woke up with a oral temp of 97.5 and was pale.

7 dpo- Woke up with a oral temp of 97.5 and was pale. It has properties that deal with a lot of health ailments. Tooth decay is the second most common infectious condition, after the common cold. Her obstetrician had how do cold sores look correctly told her that she could not deliver vaginally as as there were active lesions. I woke this morning (11dpo) to take my temp and it went down a little. Anyhoo, if dogs got the plague they probably got it FROM ANOTHER HUMAN first and humans are more likely to catch a disease from another human than they are from a dog. I got a cold sore at the early part of the week – nothing unusual about that, I get one or two a year.

This has not put me off my notion however. FX for you both!!! Please tell me what you think it could be and how to possibly treat it… Could be a cold though. But weirdly early? Honey, if your cycles are normal DO NOT TAKE IT! Common conditions.

I remember on my OV day, I had a really bad ov pain….and I don’t ever remember having that in my previous months at all. This sensation be present around your mouth, nose but often on other parts of your face. Now, I don’t look at men and obsessively try to guess their HIV status before deciding whether to hook up. – 19dpo – Still ‘Pregnant 1-2’. Oops. I start testing daily at 6 dpo with dollar store tests because I just love to POAS and then analyze my tests forever on the internet. Thought I could see a very, very, very faint line on the IC so decided to test with an FRER and got a BFP!

Then i started feeling so sleepy, I use to be able to run on 3-4 hours sleep a night, but it was getting hard to get up in the mornings where id have 15 minutes to shower and leave the house, if i was lucky, sometimes i had to call work and say id be late. If anyone has proof to the contrary, perhaps you will consider taking a bold step, and enlighten the rest of us. losing my mind 7 dpo, ewcm, colostrum(sp?)…FRER and digi update! If there is any doubt about the pregnancy, let the woman drink, on going to bed, honey-water, and if then she has a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, it is a proof that she is with child. 5. JMD, I haven’t heard of that but a couple months ago I got a cold sore out of the blue in my 2ww and I hoped beyond hope that it was an early PG sign too. I ran home to take another HPT to make sure: BFN…

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