DIY wood siding installation

You may need a miter saw for cutting as well as sufficient nails to attach the casing to the window frame. Siding materials are often manufactured with color, so there is no need for that extra work. Finish with Timber Ox® Green, environmentally-friendly stain Timber Ox® Green is an environmentally friendly, USDA biopreferred, biobased stain. This isn’t a huge issue because you will likely stain or paint the wood, but it can cause some sections of your siding to have an uneven look. The vinyl material requires little or no maintenance, and the dirt simply washes off. Finally it’s time to apply the paint. So required maintenance depends a lot on your taste.

Referred in all of their marketing material as colour inspirations, each palette is designed to mix and match for the main siding colour, accent colour, and trim colour. But thanks to its low density, Western Red Cedar is a natural thermal insulator. Oxi-Clean states it has 101 uses on box, being very “Versatile”, one of them cleaning decks and fences. Also available in extended length panels to help  reduce seams. Once you’re done, move onto the next pressure washing adventure. Most of the time, the face of a shake is split, not sawed. Clapboard siding is typically 1” or 5/4” thick.

Mild staining is often washed away by rain over a period of weeks. Using diluted bleach cleans off the mold or algae and protects the homes appearance without damaging the shingles. Take prompt care of such cracks by using an appropriate sealant or painting. Solid-wood siding is generally more resource-intensive than manufactured or composite products because it requires more-mature trees and is all-virgin material. What will zinc or copper napthanate do to my roof? This also prevents keyway stacks. Water sealant is available at hardware stores.

We will thoroughly inspect all caulking around windows, doors and other entry points and re-caulk where needed. The untreated/unpainted variety of cedar shingles is preferred for its typical, rustic appearance that is rendered by the wood grain. You should also consider applying a fire retardant coating to the siding. In severe cases where there’s old paint or solid color stain peeling and cracking, you may need to remove the old finish prior to tackling any kind of mildew issues. Applying stucco the right way creates an attractive exterior to any home. The other great advantage of installing cedar siding in Austin is the unmatched insulating quality of the wood that reduces both heat loss and noise levels. Temperature, moisture, aridness, and even wind all affect the performance of wood over time.

I’ve heard over the years that CWF is not the product of choice, but can’t remember the reason for this. Its sharp, crisp edges in-hand and wood grain appearance from the road as well as up-close, offer true authenticity without cedar’s maintenance. Both materials have their strong points and their drawbacks. No telling how old they might be, and they have the railroad inventory numbers stamped into the end grain; they could be maybe 75-years old or so, no telling, but they are still very usable for landscape timbers today, plus they look really good, just like some old railroad ties should look! Hingham Lumber stocks two colors (Cape Grey and Autumn Shade), with four additional warm colors available via special order. Can someone shed light on the difference in installation costs and maintenance of cedar versus vinyl siding? Scheduled repainting, staining and sealant integrity inspections are very important to the beauty and functionality of natural wood products.

It incorporates the luxurious detail of cedar shingles, delivering the warmth and ambience of real cedar, without the costly maintenance. What’s the best way to remove the peeling paint? This is one of those projects we love to do because of the extreme results that are achieved. A small 22×24 1 and a half story with bedrooms in the attic, deep in a country road with no neighboors. It isn’t glamorous, but routine maintenance sure beats fixing big problems down the road. A few years ago I had my siding pressure-washed by a professional outfit w/ an industrial-strength pressure-washer. A cedar roof that’s well-cared for is less expensive over time.

Located in CT. Cedar siding has intrinsic qualities that make it a desirable home siding among many homeowners. Sometimes faking it isn’t such a bad thing. Cedar shingles have a smooth appearance, work well on walls with odd shapes, and are relatively easy to apply. Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding is an exceptional choice to express your love for rustic outdoor look and natural beauty of cedar shakes. There are a dozen different varieties of wood siding, all the way from the traditional bevel cedar siding to plywood products, cedar shingles, and vertical cedar siding. Cedar shake siding is a fairly durable type of siding.