Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

Garden steps are a wonderful way of, not only providing a functional way of creating mobility around your garden, but can add a classy element of design. I already mentioned that I use 20mm builder’s stone, this is for several reasons. It should reflect your personality and gardening zone. This allows two people to walk side by side and permits passage of loaded barrows and carts, strollers, or wheelchairs. There’s also no problem with a gravel patio being slippery when wet, rotting in damp conditions or having drainage issues. Make the most of any walls or fences by planting climbers. This method of grass border edging is more suited to lawns that are not based on sandy soils.

The bed is an Anthropologie Italian Campaign Canopy Bed. c) Soft landings – if they can go up, make coming down as soft as possible. Some well-known, popular styles include ‘French pattern’, which uses a mix of square and rectangular pavers; ‘stack bond’ with square pavers on either a 90-degree or 45-degree angle; and ‘stretcher bond’ where pavers overlap each other like bricks in a wall. The basement laundry room is also a secondary “pantry”. As plants increase in size they too will help suppress weeds. Whether tamed into neat shapes or left to their own devices, they’re a striking contrast to these decorative metal railings. Use it like a traditional game board with oversized pieces, or just enjoy the fun pattern as you lounge.

Unless the stones are fitted together with mortar, however, weeds and turf grasses will quickly grow between the cracks. You may be surprised at how a few planters or a new table and chair set can transform your space. What to do? They have a tiny garden. Decorative gravel and slate is perfect for adding a touch of style to any bed or border whether it be contemporary or a more traditional look you are trying to achieve. The island features a small eating space that’s perfect when the owners, an empty-neater couple, are not entertaining. Watch this space in 6 months’ time and we show how the plants have grown to take up the spaces.

I especially love the custom driftwood coffee table. Place your first wooden piece for the first step at the bottom edge of the garden or path on a slope. But the permutations can be endless and working out what best goes where is the key to a successful space. Or turn a summerhouse or a shed into a beach hut by adding a small porch and some decking; put shingles on the roof and shutters on windows. The whole surroundings of these inns are intensely soothing. Use a 90º angle to ensure accuracy and make sure to screw in the brackets on the bottom side of the wood so they’re out of sight. Ideally dig a pond, but a container of water will suffice.

If the parking space is left empty every day when you go to work, leaving a sunny open space, go for short spreading sun lovers like chamomile, creeping thymes and golden marjoram. Make it accessible If you’re just going to be standing your container on the ground and not burying it then it’s also important that it’s shallow so animals can get in and out of it (You can always help this by creating a stepped pile of rocks next to your pond). A tree-form smokebush in a big pot creates a dramatic focal point. Note: Swatches show the Decorative Aggregates in both dry and wet conditions. When you tackle a job it is important to work safely. Have you got walls and fences that climbers could scramble up? Many larger properties with long rambling gardens have been snapped up and redeveloped into housing estates.

A shed of your size (more than 120 s.f.) would need a permit here, and, if it’s on a permanent foundation would be subject to our 5 ft property-line setback as well. Treated pine and cedar are two that come to mind. This sun filled custom house on a professionally landscaped acre offers an impressive classic white kitchen, adjacent den, formal dining room, living room and guest bedroom suite on the first floor. First let’s clarify the difference between a garden pathway and the wide corridors that lead to or divide a large garden, which are easiest to manage when kept in a mixture of grasses and clovers that is regularly mowed. Use all the available types to transform the look of your garden by adding textures and contrasts that improve the overall aesthetics. Gazebos are a great place to retreat to on hot summer days, as the open design allows the breeze to flow through and the roof provides plenty of cooling shade. The small stones create an excellent source of surface area for beneficial bacteria such as Pond Logic® Muck Defense® to colonize and filter your pond water.