Common Diseases during Cold Weather

1. “It would be difficult to study but… Cold air can dry out the tissue in the throat and can cause severe irritation. After a few months, I think the shots helped a little – I felt half alive instead of half dead (ha). The flu does have its seasonal peaks – the highest is at the time of the highest rainfall; and there’s another smaller surge from December to February, the winter months. Exposure to sunlight; Menstrual periods; Pregnancy; Cold weather. Myth #3: If I move somewhere warmer, my back pain will be better.

These include chocolate, cocoa, and especially all types of nuts, hazel nuts, Brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia. Also, I have wondered if hyperbaric oxygen therapy might work. If you have mild symptoms of flu, you can still exercise as it helps clear the nasal tract and improves circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. Men and women can develop sores on the: Genital HSV-2 infections are more common in women than men. As you can see, this activity peaks during the winter months. Once the herpes virus is contracted, the virus may remain hidden/ dormant in the body even when the external blisters have been cured. Genital herpes is usually caused by herpes simplex virus type 2 but can also be caused by HSV type 1.

To prevent this, it’s advisable for asthmatic people to stay indoors and wear appropriate clothing during cold weather. One study on guinea pigs showed that a respiratory virus is transmitted much more easily at 20 percent humidity and 41 degrees compared to not at all at 80 percent humidity and 86 degrees. At that time, she comfortably wore a size 14. Get into thermal gear. You need to know the difference between both to avoid any risk to your health… The same for osteoarthritis sufferers who maintain that the painful swelling and warmth in one or more of their joints increases in correlation to the temperature dropping. Herpes Simplex Encephalitis is notifiable in the UK.

Dry skin is a common condition and is often worse during the winter particularly for people with Scleroderma and Raynaud’s, when environmental humidity is low. However, it is possible that some people who get vaccinated for the flu develop flu-like symptoms, such as aches or a fever — but only for a day or so. Changes in hormones are also common causes of cold sores. These harsh conditions cause your skin to lose its natural oils. The change of seasons also has a big effect on allergies. I swear it’s all related one way or antoher. We hunch ourselves up when we are cold, making muscles tighter and less mobile.

Make sure you have a lip balm with SPF in it just for these circumstances, like Nivea’s Vitamin Swirl. So, what am I going to do about it? The diagnosis can be confirmed using tests called the rapid antigen test or throat culture. Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). The ragweed season begins in late summer, but in some areas it can last well into October. 3. Thompson says if you have asthma and are heading outside in very cold weather be sure to: take your preventer medication before you go outdoors.wrap a scarf around your neck and the bottom half of your face, covering your nose and mouth (this will help keep the air you breath warm and moist).carry your reliever medication in your pocket or inside your jacket, this keeps the active ingredients in the medication warm and ensures they get further down your airway.

Sudden changes in weather or temperature can trigger nonallergic rhinitis. Allow 24 to 48 hours of rest before you attempt to run again. If you can prevent a cold sore, you may not have to worry regarding the multitude of fever blister remedies. While preparing your tea, add few tulsi leaves and crushed ginger to it along with black pepper, it is much relief for cough and cold. Weather, like people, is unpredictable. Fryhofer. Margaret Cox says: “With eczema the skin barrier isn’t working as it should.

Despite this, there are still some theories that are believed as the most possible causes for intensifying pain around a broken bone site during bad weather. To treat snow blindness, bandage your eyes until the symptoms disappear. Chapping happens when your lips can’t produce natural oils to moisturize themselves. Osteopath and yoga instructor, Coby Langford runs Soothe osteopathic clinic in Manchester City Centre. Muscle cramps are a very common problem. I thought he was joking, but I harvested all the tomatoes just the same, sweating in the garden in a pair of shorts. Anyone have any ideas on how to make the swelling go down and the blisters go away faster ?

This condition is characterized by red skin patches topped with silvery scales.