Cold Sores and Shortness of Breath – Herpes Help

Sore throat, low back pain. Grumbly/gassy tummy early in a.m. Heart burn shooting breast pain. Excess salivation. It’s like, I KNOW I’m pregnant, and I’m pissed off that the tests are saying no still!!!!! There are a few things I noticed, for example, I did not get my usual symptoms after ovulation during my  TWW, which I have mistaken for pregnancy signs in the past, i.e. Nice!

Not a sticky bean I know but I got my BFP at 11dpo on a frer. Herpes prodrome is characterized by an itching, tingling, burning or painful feeling in the area where the lesions subsequently appear. 08. There is evidence of a connection between oral health and overall health, and many dry mouth, bad breath, metallic taste and various other changes in the oral (e.g., nicotine patch or gum) and/or counseling and support programs in your area. Soak your feet in white vinegar 10 minutes EVERY day for six months PERMANENT CURES toenail fungus cheap easy quick natural no side effects you must soak EVERY DAY until the entire nail has grown out. Now this was in 1995-1997, so I don’t know if it’s changed since then. 1 Day Late Testing Deciphering cm well there you go…..

Light cramping. I used an application on my phone called Kindara. 12 DPO First day of missed period. 7-8 DPO for me. My husband and I were watching a show we dvr’d and I just started crying. 8 dpo – Major cramps, but no diarrhea. DH went after me and later said it totally stank, like cat urine.

I don’t cry at the drop of a hat yet (or just from commercials, LOL), but once I start crying I have a hard time calming myself down. It just feels like AF is going to arrive soon. 10dpo – Increased sense of smell – felt sure I was pregnant because this was so intense. 10 dpo– today is 10 for me.. And I knew that 6dt3dt was too early. 8DPO- Slight burning pain in my right ovary more obvious than yesterday. And I though, how could that be?

And no, I don’t have a stomach bug or food poisoning. Absolutely shocked!! Cramps in the AM but not PM, bbs *burn* in the AM but not at all in the PM, very tired, bloated, headache, dizzy. On CD 29, I didn’t get AF, so we decided to test again the next morning (CD 30). 2ww. FMU with cheapie BFN 10 DPO: Headache, more tender breast, high temp, school glue CM, peeing more at work. So I walked out of the bathroom with it and just said “um, I think I’m pregnant” then there was a whole lot of “holy s**t, are you sure?” What was DH’s reaction:/\ disbelief, he is still coming around.

SO far my symptoms have been somewhat gassy (but I don’t know if it’s been more than usual), BLOATED!!! Puffy nipples. I had a headache during these days as well. Felt a bit of soreness in the right ovary (assume it’s corpus luteum) when walking from work to the train. The mild cramps similar to AF make an appearance every so often but now it isn’t as continuous as it was last week. I normally have PMS symptoms like sore bbs, but that has not happened. today is my 10 dpo – bbs hurt( well not the bbs more like my skin) tummy generally feels yucky..

Im at the end of my cold so i know its not that and i havnt eaten anything spicy or anything. After a year of “trying” I went to my OB/GYN and asked him for help. 5dpo: tired, light cramping, lower back pain on left, hungry, out of breath 6-8dpo: sore breasts in the evening, headaches, have to take a nap at lunchtime, craving coca cola. When the world says “Give Up”, Hope whispers “Try one more time”. Very hungry. So without further adieu here are my symptoms…. 9/11 DPO I had a slight headache (never get headaches) and mild cramping/ discomfort in the evening.

TTC is not all fun and games. One boy and two girls. Then at 10DPO I developed a fever, chills, sweats, shivering, which lasted just over 24 hours. Feels like “pulling” inside 10DPO – Couldn’t get up for the gym this morning…. 3dpo: mild cramps, headaches, cold & sore throat, bloated. Feeling run down. Creamy CM.

I am 33 and dh is 32. Hi there, Would appreciate your advice. Hi Cherice Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. 6dpo – Indigestion. Finally back in the tww I believe I ovulated yesterday on cd14 which is early for me!! Some medications have side affects that reduce saliva, making the mouth dry and plaque easier to adhere to the teeth and gums. This wait is so long, am supposed to go on holidays in a week, and nothing is ready lol, cause am thinking too much!!