Chief Rabbis’ Reversal On Circumcision Sucking Ritual Ban Done To Protect Chabad

Making the decision to circumcise an infant can be difficult for some parents. Hall, H. Seems the jews like to claim that this practice is to help the healing of the wound from circumcision. A health worker collects swabs from the mouths of the suspected carriers twice a day until the department has 60 samples from each individual. Lancet. It is, however, difficult to balance freedom of religion against the basic rights of the child. In an American court of law, every defendant is granted the presumption of innocence while a prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime.

Another New York Infant Gets Herpes From Controversial Circumcision Rite – Rabbis SUCK baby dick in Religious ritual! Apologists claim that such procedures offer health benefits such as reduced HIV transmission. Mohels are required to keep a copy of the signed forms for one year. The researchers say that “in addition to decreasing the incidence of HIV infection, male circumcision significantly reduced the incidence of HSV-2 infection and the prevalence of HPV infection”. While RCT data were not as clear, observational studies have indicated that MC reduces female HSV-2 [70], Chlamydia trachomatis [71], and HIV [72–74]. This means that it takes precedence even over Shabbat. But increasingly the debate is becoming one about religion, in which critics accuse backers of the referendum of bigotry and insist a ban would violate the First Amendment’s religious freedoms.

Lebovics said that at one time he regularly performed metzitzah b’peh, but stopped after the rise of the AIDS epidemic, which was heavily publicized in southern California. The mortality rate for CNS herpes is only 4 percent with treatment. The New York Health department now requires parental consent before the ritual is performed, but Rabbi Cohn remains defiant and has ignored the new law. — the virus the causes AIDS — is spread primarily among heterosexuals. In the last decade, 11 babies in the city have contracted the virus, and two have suffered brain damage, according to health officials. In this case, the baby’s rash spread despite being treated with cream. But mohels and doctors recently told The Post that an increasing number of grown men in America are now making the cut for religious, medical or aesthetic reasons.

It’s routinely done for religious and cultural reasons among groups such as Jews and Muslims, and U.S. Nov 23, 2012. I’m hoping that once I have my junk cut I won’t come as fast. Circumcised males do not get this condition. Another reason is generalised inflammation of the penis occurring as a complication of bacterial or fungal infection. The stunned parents are instructed in wound care and comfort measures. I could wish that Bloomberg were always so careful about keeping out of other peoples’ business: He has made it legally impossible to have a cigarette and a cocktail at the same time, anywhere in the city.

The procedure is actually pretty simple and thankfully anaesthetics and numbing agents play a vital role. Members of their community vote, usually the way that their rebbes, rabbinical leaders, tell them to. I only will respond shortly. But city officials have long resisted an outright ban, fearing rabbis would respond by conducting the ceremony in secret. event on the website of the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel shows MBP being performed. I find it rather comical that a religious group wants to vindicate a tradition with “research” (“religious freedom,” it seems, is in itself, insufficient) as if the outcome of any “study” determines whether or not an act is morally justified; the act of slicing the penis of a healthy, non-consenting newborn is already sufficiently morally repugnant. de Blasio has moved to shake up the health panel, filling vacant spots and replacing members appointed by his predecessor, Michael R.

Others invoke religious and cultural autonomy, and parents’ rights. When Abraham Foxman describes the brit milah (the Hebrew term for the circumcision ceremony on a Jewish baby’s 8th day of life) as “a fundamental and ancient precept of Judaism…one of the most sacred elements of the Jewish religion,” he argues that banning circumcision would be the ultimate affront to Jews. In the Jewish tradition, a mohel may be selected to circumcise a healthy newborn. Following are some of the facts and issues that question that statement. Some parents believe that it is more hygienic or at least it is easier to care for a boy’s penis if it is circumcised. I can’t believe some people. Today, it is usually done with a sterile tube.

Another Jewish baby boy has contracted herpes through a controversial religious circumcision ritual. The mayoral hopefuls who appeared at a Jewish Press forum in Manhattan Beach last night were asked to take a stand on one of the thorniest, weirdest issues that will ever arise in an election of any kind: metzitzah b’peh.