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Q–We recently had new cedar siding put on the outside of our house, about 1,000 yards from the ocean. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Now the best performing, most affordable, wood finishes reside in or around that number. anymore. 16300 series: Before drying, clean brushes and equipment with soap and water. Dispose of empty cans or unused portion in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. A-Install tapered shims on top of the wood curb so that it is slanting.

Leave the stain in a shaded spot, sheltered from wind and rain, for six to eight hours after putting on the first coat. You can’t get it all but you can really improve the overall look and reduce the dark areas considerably. My main questions are how long will it take for the “orangeness” to darken and with out getting into any semi’s how can I get the shingles to appear light, clearer, not orange and not darker? Stain that has been applied by spray without back-brushing is particularly prone to show blotchy patterns as it weathers. Choose a cedar siding stain based on your specific needs. When you repaint, be sure to use mildew-resistant paint. The painter caulks the cedar shakes to the house.

One major problem with painting cedar shakes after they are installed is that you cannot cover the whole shake. What steps need to be taken prior to applying light gray stain? Due to this, color matches are not guaranteed to exactly match any previous sample or order. Consider removing various pieces from the package so they can start to dry and slowly reach the moisture equilibrium in your area. Bubbling and cracking is usually caused not by rain, but by moisture evaporating through the wood, says Joan Griswold, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Performance Coatings Inc., which manufactures wood finishes under the Penofin label. We’re proud to have received so many votes that we won first place for this prestigious award. Note: It is possible to saturate a larger section than 4 to 8 feet.

A solid-bodied stain or paint will not peel unless moisture forces it off the surface. This can be found under the bid entry box. But no stain will last as long as a high quality paint. Again, i was on 10 with NO peeling. Stains with the highest pigment concentration will provide the longest service life and provide the most protection from weathering. Our professionals prepare the painting area thoroughly, cut in colors and trim precisely, and work efficiently to achieve the look you desire. What you need to know is that both treatments require regular recoating for adequate Cedar protection.

Semi and solid stain. I’ve tried different methods for staining shingles: stacking them on sticks, laying them against walls, hanging them from clotheslines, even using a heat gun. Stains and paints hold well, too. The bleeding is often increased and made more noticeable by other moisture problems such as improper venting, insufficient caulking or flashing, leaks, and other situations that allow moisture to get into or behind the wood. • Semi-Gloss is more moisture resistant and easier to clean. We specialize in pressure washing, cedar shingle restoration, deck sanding & repair & much more. stains for best protection.

Because it is difficult to determine the condition of the oil-based coating to be stripped, test the undiluted stripper on a small area to determine its effectiveness. Not the first time it has failed. I’m not sure adhering was the term, since it even looks like there is a layer of shingle on the back of some of the flaked off pieces, so that sounds more like shingle damage to me. Stack ’em on edge? I never thought it possible. They provide a water-repellent and durable finish that helps to keep moisture out—thus minimizing wood warping and checking. Sadly, the house was neglected for a long time and the home was stained a light grey color only once.

This new option will help position the company as THE reference for cedar shingles in North America. Ft.. Since its been twenty five years since the last paint job, but still good on north and east sides, should the entire house be primed or just where bare spots? In days past, heartwood from cedar and redwood had enough natural preservatives to discourage, or at least slow, this aging process. have about 1900 sq.ft. In the first picture, the darker spots on the right are just shadows. The natural substances penetrate the wood fibres, permanently modifying the wood structure.

The painter is not getting paid $38 per hour. At Waska, we are quite rigorous in choosing the shingles that “make the cut” for our Victorian Series; Each shingle is hand crafted and then carefully packed in a box containing precisely 144 pieces.