CDC Says Circumcision Benefits Now Outweigh Risks — But Do They Really?

Thus, unless patients (or parents) clearly understand that their (or their child’s) absolute risk of, e.g., heterosexually acquired HIV infection in the United States is very low – indeed zero before an age of sexual debut – the relative-risk reduction figures presented by the CDC could give the wrong impression. Now, it is not usually recognized that female ‘circumcision’ falls on a spectrum; that some forms of it are less invasive than male circumcision (including several forms that do not involve modification of the clitoris); and that it is sometimes done for reasons other than (attempted) control of sexuality (42–47). The WHO estimates that US$16.5 billion could be saved in HIV treatment and care costs by 2025 if coverage targets are met. males based on 2006 HIV incidence data (written communication from R Song, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, August 2008. The JLM rebuttal, which sneered at the dissidents’ “highly selective literature review,” pointed to one particular meta-analysis of observational studies that found circumcision had a 61 percent protective effect, thus negating any apparent inconsistencies in the study findings. Lifetime HIV risk for U.S. Non-religious male circumcision was introduced to the US in the late 1800s [23], and by the 1940s, an increasing proportion of male children in the US were born in hospitals and were circumcised [24].

How about mentioning the rate that baby boys die, lose their penis, hemorrhage, go into pain-induced shock, coma, have seizures, heart-failure, trouble breastfeeding, bonding failure, poor attachments, increased colic for months following the assault, infections from the wound, sexual dysfunction and implications later in life, among countless other side effects. “Gay men, straight men, we were free and open and talking about penises,” recalls Griffiths, now 85 and living in northern California. Of the 1092 uncircumcised men, 979 (89.7%) were tested for HIV infection during the survey. Permitting parents to irreversibly mark their religion on the bodies of their children by amputating functional tissue is contrary to the law. What the uncertainities do is raise questions about whether those benefits justify the procedure. Christopher Guest, of Barrie Midwives, produced a very informative video titled Circumcision: The Whole Story. SXQ400* With how many of these females have you had only oral sex?

Their message was aided by the Internet and by the neutral stance of physicians groups — including, for a time, the American Academy of Pediatrics. Cancer of the penis almost only occurs in uncircumcised men, however, it is exceedingly rare, approximately 1 in 100,000 would develop this condition. These include, among other interventions, so-called ritual ‘nicking’ of the clitoral hood (common in Malaysia), as well as non-medically-indicated labiaplasty and even piercings that might be done for perceived cosmetic enhancement. Christianity, Islam and Judaism all teach that circumcision was already practiced by Prophet Abraham, who is revered by Christians, Jews and Muslims to this day. However, research also indicates that Langerhans cells have a protective effect against HIV by secreting Langerin, a natural barrier. Anyone who has unprotected sex, especially with more than one partner, is at risk for contracting and/or spreading an STD. Until now, the only risk factors for prostate cancer that had been identified were advanced age, a family history of the disease and African ancestry.” said Dr Marie-Élise Parent of the University of Quebec.

In addition, Hispanics have the lowest circumcision rates among STD clinic attendees (McKinney et al., 2008; Millett et al., 2007; Mor, Kent, Kohn, & Klausner, 2007). The biologic interaction between these diseases not only complicates treatment in an already challenging setting but also presents a serious risk for death to pregnant girls 20 years of age, girls 10–14 years of age are 5–7 times more likely to die from childbirth, and girls 15–19 years of age are twice as likely (34). Noninjection drug use during the past 12 months was reported by 46% of participants. . Work in developing efficiency operational models,12 training in VMMC13 and prequalification of related devices14 constitute the collective wisdom of hundreds of practitioners, scientists and researchers globally weighing the best ways for translating the scientific evidence of the benefits of VMMC into practice. male newborns were circumcised in 1900.It gradually became the cultural norm, and in the 1950s and 1960s surpassed 80 per cent. Muslim men make up about two-thirds of all men circumcised in the world.

There is not yet conclusive research on the impact of circumcision in HIV transmission during homosexual sex. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla. Observational data had indicated that circumcision might also protect against transmission between HIV positive men and their wives, so Dr Wawer was surprised and disappointed by the latest trial results, which indicate otherwise. This gap is important since newborn circumcision has been suggested as an additional long-range tool in reducing longstanding ethnic disparities in HIV incidence in the USA.