Can Olive Leaf Extract Cure Herpes 2016

(Bangkok, Thailand) 388 PostsThe easiest treatment and simplest treatment for herpes is to use fresh olive leaf or use olive leaf extract. At this time I did not have Valtrex available to stop the outbreak. Currently, these phytochemicals are receiving considerable attention in cardiovascular research for their ability to reduce the harmful oxidation of cholesterol and slow down the accelerated clumping of blood platelets that can lead to dangerous clots. Due to the high prevalence of sensitivity, recommends the routine use of Dr. They regarded it as a symbol of heavenly power, and in keeping with that belief, they extracted its oil and used it to mummify their kings. Another way to reduce the effects is to cut back on the dose of extract that you are taking or go off it completely for a day or two before slowly increasing the dose once again. And in a 1993 private herpes study of six participants, all reported symptomatic relief and three of the subjects said their lesions were completely gone within 48 hours from treatment with olive leaf extract.

Some of us have been dealt a bad hand it sucks!! In 1962, an Italian researcher reported that oleuropein lowered blood pressure in animals. A deficiency of Zinc can lead to an increased susceptibility to infection. Also you need a lot of berries and different variety, also you need oregano oil and olive leaf extract. This occurs as a result of the “die-off” of pathogens that then need to be cleaned out of the body. The publisher of this website is required by the FTC to inform you that a relationship exists between this site and some of the products or services it recommends or promotes. Powerful detoxifier.

Just an idea. It will also give you a youthful and glowing skin. 5. He or she may give you an antiviral medicine so you will be less likely to have a herpes outbreak at or near the time you deliver your baby. I did feel shame, embarrasment etc. Privitera to say that olive leaf was the only medicine that eliminated his herpes. Neems leaves cured me by: Anonymous the doctor told me i need to go for a surgery coz she found root growing in my ovary.

It was found to have a powerful anti-bacterial effect. In 1962, European researchers recorded that oleuropein had the ability to lower blood pressure in animals, increase blood flow in the coronary arteries, relieve arrhythmias and prevent intestinal muscle spasms. Other ingredients include esters, multiple iridoids, rutin, apigenin and luteolin, amongst others. We may not publish all questions and answers but we will endeavour to answer you where possible. The cell wall proteins of the dead microbes get absorbed into weakened mucous membranes. As for my life dealing with the herpes virus II, I used anti-virals Zovirax and Valtrex for 8 years. This combination brought viral loads to non-detectable levels in 3 months and increased CD4’s from 30 to over 120.

Rates of genital shedding initially decrease over time after infection, but data on long-term viral shedding are lacking. There is a big difference between maintaining good health as winter approaches and struggling to overcome a bad infection. Olive leaf has been proven to be an excellent anti-fungal herb in the fight against many diseases to include toe fungus, athlete’s foot and jock itch. Even today, however, approximately 225 million people in the developing world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, are infected with the disease. There’s much yet to learn about the tissue-specific way they work. In these treatable conditions are: flu, colds, yeast infections, meningitis, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), encephalitis, herpes I and II, the human herpes virus 6 and 7, shingles (herpes zoster), the HIV / ARC / AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatitis B, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, malaria, dengue, diarrhea and difficult tooth, ear, urinary tract and surgical infections. She took 6 caps a day of the Tigon one for 2 yrs.

The most important of these – and the major active ingredient in olive leaf is Oleuropein, which in itself is comprised of 95 different compounds. Olive leaf extract and herpesThe mechanism of olive leaf antiviral activity is reported to include: An ability to interfere with critical amino acid production essential for viruses. This virus is closely related to herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1 or HHV1) , which is the cause of common nonsexually-transmitted cold sores. I read that  olive leaf extract helps keeps the virus from spreading…. The leaves of olive trees contain substances that protect them from parasites. It is therefore advisable, whenever you have supplied the relevant parts, immediately wash your hands. The antibacterial, antiviral component derived from olive leaves is called oleuropein.

Various studies confirm that olive leaf extract has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. Using this method alone can you suppress the Herpes computer virus so do olive leaf extract cure herpes it will not bother you anymore.