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His potent immunity-brew was injected just under the skin where it produced a small bubble. CCLCM only date about benadryl being moved into an african but just convert don’t have well can doctors notes in. Contact for an address to send the broken zapper to. Below, see the amazing images from EIS Scanning of a male age 40 before and after using XE via Duration Zapping — 30 minutes daily for 18 days. “ZAPPER” cures anything, Cancer, Aids, Herpes and destroys Parasites! Call your ob-gyn. The normal treatment schedule is seven minutes three times daily.

Usually the first day. Don: Well I turned it into a business and yeah kept healing people, and I had to know what it could do, you know. Unfortunately, the medical patient cured is a customer lost. Careful reading of pp1-41 of THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES will clear this up. As I am planning on buying one soon. R. In Sandi’s experience, many illnesses can be treated with EFT as if they were allergies to bacteria or viruses.

I have the zapper for years now. For zappers, I would not hesitate on buying from him and would still like to try don croft’s terminator as another device for long wearing. I was once sick with constant chest pain and headaches, I virtualy gave up on myself until I purchased this parazapper. Clark’s books.” The devices range in price from about $10 for a simple model to more than $200 for devices that also make colloidal silver. I was once sick with constant chest pain and headaches, I virtualy gave up on myself until I purchased this parazapper. They sensed that futuristic sounding applications such as reversal of spinal-cord injuries and cures for cancer and aids could be achieved by a new understanding of the body’s electrical circuitry. After five days on the parasite herbs I noticed that the pain reduced greatly.

If more and more people accept and utilize this protocol, I honestly think its possible that we will start hearing about cures more. U.S. Viruses and fungi inside the cells, parasites in cysts, and parasites with exoskeletons (ie. Out of these, 19 were males and 31 females. Especially for AIDS or Hep C. The testimonials and book reviews show how much of an impact her books have. It is the most cost effective approach I’ve discovered.

The purpose was to enable everyone to kill the intestinal fluke at 434’000 Hz with a low cost device. Don Croft has experimented with pennies, silver coins, zinc blanks, etc., and has decided the copper blank is the best solution and offers the best performance. Trusted information on what genital herpes is, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, how it is spread, treatment, getting tested, plus links to trusted resources. 6. Another study on using electricity to kill bacteria in water:kill bacteria in water with electricity From Stanford Univ. I ordered the “Never An Outbreak” stuff but didn’t get consistent results with that either. The manufacturer has erased the label of the first chip in the detection circuit but by tracing the PCB routes and measuring the signals on the chip it was easy for me to understand which type of chip was used and then to search for that chip with the right pin-out.

Clark’s LATEST VIDEO or BOOK, which has the plate zapping and homeography methods that anyone of modest means CAN DO and AFFORD – The Cure For HIV and AIDS, for example – $12 used on Amazon… Once in the intestinal tract, parasites have easy access to other parts of the body where they imitate various symptoms and diseases. In zapper term, shield so zapper can protect from the different current or frequency wave traveling in space. I was over prescribed antibiotics. . It is easy to demonstrate that the zapper can and does kill many microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, algae, etc. Hulda Clark.

He reported this to me a week after it happened without any incidence of herpes that week. Also, when I got a cold, I went as crazy as 3 cloves in each meal, and in only two days I stopped coughing. i dont understand science enough to tell the difference of terms, or what the deal is with his microscope,but heres a brief write up that may tell you something.. Lyman and his colleagues found that exposure to  50-100 micro amperes of electricity – comparable to that produced by a cardiac pacemaker – reduced the infectivity of the AIDs virus by 50-95%. Science is a strange world. You Have Just Begun LongYang. The FDA and Pharmaceutical= They have their good and bad side, so as the Alternative.

Its November 2013 and I just wanted to let you know I’m still well. The Role of Infections in Mental Illness by Frank Strick, Clinical Research Director THE RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR INFECTIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS (800) 699-2466, Ext.