Barbara Kay: Review puts to bed activist-inspired case on circumcision

It’s not necessary to try cleaning under the foreskin until it has become fully retractable of its own accord because attempts to pull back a non-retractable foreskin can result in pain and possibly injury. These data indicate that integration of male circumcision into programs to reduce HIV risk is unlikely to adversely effect male sexual function. Conclusion: The present study suggests that circumcision is a protective factor for acquisition of STIs in HIV positive clients but other factors like sexual behaviours, use of barrier contraceptives, drug abuse etc also play a role. Diagnosis was made using standard tests. Always get cold sores on the lips, and now I have a little. Cathy: It’s actually a lot of people have a lot of shame around it, but a lot of people do have herpes. During my experiences in medicine and surgery, occasionally there arose the question of circumcision and sexual compatibility.

Written informed consent was obtained for all participants followed by face-to-face interview regarding sociodemographic characteristics, sexual health, and MC/HIV related knowledge attitude and belief (KAB) with questions based on those developed in prior studies in this population[7]. Data analysis was performed using SAS (Version 9.1.3, SAS Institute; Cary, NC, USA). Also, circumcision at birth was assumed, so that the number who sought circumcision later in life for problems, such as STIs and/or other infections, and therefore had switched group, was not taken into account. The two groups studied came from different religions and cultures. Yet the anti-circumcision lobby is powerful, and growing. I didn’t believe the benefits outweighed the costs. The circumcised and uncircumcised groups differed little in socioeconomic characteristics and sexual behavior.

It is the very epitome of patriarchy, whereas circumcision is a rite of passage conceived by males for other males, and for thousands of years rooted solely in spiritually contractual language and meaning. The foreskin then forms a tight tourniquet around the glans, causing severe pain. And how much greater would be the savings by inclusion of other conditions and diseases prevented by neonatal male circumcision, where the paper states: “Our analysis has two limitations that, if considered, would make neonatal circumcision [even] more cost-effective. In the hands of an experienced physician, the complication rate is lower than 0.5%, and complications are usually minor. Despite these benefits, there is a concern that male circumcision may decrease male sexual function and satisfaction. The OR were computed by comparing each group of patients with a particular STD during the analysis period against a referent group with no STD during the analysis period. A: You need to be evaluated by your doctor to see if they are genital warts, and until then to use protection at all times.

However, this type of cancer is very rare in all males. Local yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis in sexual partners have also been found to be more common in the presence of a foreskin. Published rate of circumcision in Denmark used to make calculations. Specimens collected were blood, urethral swab, vaginal, endocervical and rectal swab (in cases with recent anal intercourse). About one-third of new HIV infections occurred among men who were both HSV-2 negative and had no GUD. Compare this to the 44% efficacy of Truvada in the iPrEx trial, the 39 % efficacy of tenofovir gel in reducing the risk of infection in women  in the Caprisa 004 trial, and the 38-66% efficacy reported for circumcision over 24 months. The condition can sometimes be treated by firmly but gently squeezing the trapped glans until the foreskin can slip over it again.

David M. The meta-analysis presented by Weiss and colleagues revealed a slight protective effect of male circumcision. Opinions differ about how this decreased sensitivity, which may result in prolonged time to orgasm, affects sexual satisfaction. Fleiss et al. Although there is no precise data on circumcision from any country,approximated rates for the English-speaking countries reveal that in Great Britain, the practice has virtually been abandoned; New Zealand follows closely behind. With the continuing global spread of HIV, new safe and effective strategies to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV are urgently required. I have been carrying out some research to find out if truly circumcised men don’t experience the effects of full blown love making like their counterparts who have their foreskin intact.

In some cases, there is  a medical indication for circumcision, one of such is when the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back (retracted) over the glans (phimosis). I just want to know if this could be HSV 1 Genital Herpes. The National Organization of Circumcision Information Resources Center says circumcision removes five extra sensitive areas of the penis, so foresaking foreskin means less sensitivity. A study of Canadian soldiers during World War II found that 90% of syphilis infections occurred among uncircumcised men [2].