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I’m getting nervous with this talk of waterpumps failing…… Saying that there is plenty of grip and the almost slow motion of the backend kicking out makes it fun and manageable. The RRP I quoted also does not include the VXR etchings so that’s an added bonus. By contrast, the Ford feels dedicated to performance. One change I made to the setups I looked at across the pond was running the subs in the bottom of the enclosure. AP brakes. Whatever the choice, I am sure she will make the right one.

Astra VXR is equiped with MAHLE pistons which are capable for 500 bhp top. 😀 I didn’t realise they were numbered?! Up to around about 300bhp is achieveable from the stock bottom end but I wouldn’t go much further as I doubt the pistons/rods would like much more than that. Volker Strycek was responsible for 2,500 Sport-Astra, necessary for homologation, produced in series. I found it so so much better than the astra for long journeys Arm rests and cruise control make the motorway a joy and it would eat up the miles easily. PCMs have look up calibrations for flex fuel because the stoich AFR changes with the change in % of ethanol in the fuel and the PCM to needs to know to compensate the calculation for OL and PE fuel delivery. __________________ 06 IBM 6spd.

1) Race Plus, Great for track days and racing, sprints, 1/4 mile. And have a look at the link in post #6 of this thread for pictures. Even so, presumably the front tyres turn to jelly every time you go near the accelerator with 321bhp to deal with? Always worth a try though, give it a go! It’s 20mm narrower, 16mm taller and has a rolling circumference outside of the normal tolerance, (compared to the reference). Ford has three trucks and 2 SUV’s, GM has, you guessed it! FlexRide offers drivers the choice of Standard, Sport or VXR ride types, with VXR bringing out the most direct steering and throttle feel.

If there are no official vxr500’s you can get one done to exactly the same specs by Mr Wortec & Greens anyway. I’m no mechanic myself but I’m technically minded and meticulous. Cheap and cheerless really. Whilst I was there I mentioned to the Service Manager that the coating was coming off of the wheels. Opel, which announced it will be making its way to Australia in 2012, could bring the stylish GTC to the Land of Oz upon its launch. Even got a loan car for the day which is rare nowdays. Critisism for going non genuine?

Night ? KW do race suspensions in Europe and KW fully adjustable coilovers are very popular. Can’t comment on Alan East – though he’s been a great supporter of the Event – but yes, I reckon more Production cars are likely to be forthcoming. get a manual one if you can, and definitely steer clear of the twincharged ones. The production unit looks much the same as the standard Z20LET, ZLEL and ZLER turbo. This may be central to secondary issues attributed to AFM. When I got home I slowly applied a scary amount of pressure on the key, to the point where I thought the key might snap, and heard the very satisfying clunk of the door unlocking.

what model vauxhaull is that off of? Have a look at something like a Mazda 3… I am a little confused with the great 1.8 issue, is this version that much worse than my 2006 1.8 Astra? slightly different front and rear bumpers across the range maybe some chrome strips here and there and minor interior jazz ups like dash cluster, console etc.. As for problems with cars, nearly everyone I know that has issues never look after them. Would appreciate your thinking behind your answer e.g. Don’t see too many of these around at all, pretty neat setup.

Just seen a VX R8 line up against a new HSV VXR at the lights out the front of my office. Originally built by “Roddy” Harvey Bailey and famed Touring Car Driver/Team owner Andy Rouse for the 1995 British GT Championship, the car was raced in the full BPR GT series in 1996 on behalf of Morgan Motor Cars and, while it wasn’t exactly a class winner against the army of Porsche’s, Dodge Vipers, the fatory Lotus Esprits and the Marcos LM600s that made up the class at the time, it was more than able to finish in the top six of the GT2 class on occasion (And it faster than most people thought a Wooden-chassied Racing Car had any right to be!). This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes. I actually don’t mind the megane. It won’t fade if you look after it and if you have a garage and use it, even if it’s driven daily, it won’t be a problem and as mentioned above the paint used these days is better than old….