Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues Florida County for Secretly Approving African Monkey Breeding Facility –

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Under Florida’s Sunshine Law, state and local government bodies must hold public hearings for high-level decisions—like building a facility next to a residential area that will house thousands of African-born macaques who may carry infectious diseases. Text messages between the two around the same time to appear to express her concerns about said symptoms. Long-tailed macaques were responsible for an outbreak of the “Reston” strain of the Ebola virus at a Virginia research facility—detailed in the bestseller The Hot Zone—and a tuberculosis outbreak. As expected, the wife is devastated emotionally by her husband’s actions and the disease that he has inflicted upon her and that she will carry with her the rest of her life. I’ve seen, btw, many more cases where people have tried to make the standard and failed. Oddly, I recently researched this issue, and placed such a case into suit. The most famous cases include Tony Bennett, who was sued for $90 million for infecting a partner with herpes in 1985; Robin Williams, sued for $6.2 million in 1986; and Michael Vick, sued for an unknown sum in 2005.

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