Alitol (garlic oil extract )

This product contains the active ingredients of the garlic. The turpentine treatment, as given to patient, G.P. You’re probably well aware of the enthusiasm with which the Department of Health and our present Minister of Health promote the use of beetroot, garlic, virgin olive oil, onions and herbal cures in the treatment of HIV/Aids. Bladder infection is quite common. Can their actually be any relief had from peripheral neuropathy without taking a prescription medication? It reports that over 120+ million people are living with STDs in the U. Many cultures have used both garlic and cayenne pepper in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Despite its pungent odor that can remain long after the dish has been consumed, the garlic plant has been associated throughout time with wellness and safety. Hello visitor! When you are a woman, there are a number of diseases and disorders of the reproductive organs that you must go through. Swollen glands are usually a sign of infection. Candida is a naturally occurring bacterium that is present in our body. Chronic candida infections are a concern of many patients, who believe that their health concerns and chronic candida symptoms of brain fog, muscle aches, sugar cravings, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, itching, eczema, vaginal or skin yeast infections, sinusitis, bloating, diarrhea or loose stool, especially with a foul, sulfurous type odor, and indigestion. Garlic for Pinworms: Worth a Try(?) Using garlic is an age-old remedy for pinworms.

Sexual fantasies can reach greater heights if a man can prolong his ejaculation. Human eyes are most valuable gift of god. ED or erectile dysfunction is a common problem faced by men during their reproductive years. Ringworm infection is caused by a fungus that causes red, circular rings on the skin where the edges are slightly raised. Garlic Overdose: An Overview What symptoms can a garlic “overdose” cause? [embedded content] Garlic has many benefits in any diseases, especially related to the inflammation and infection, since the ancient era. Whenever you suffer from an annoying and painful headache or earache, garlic can help relieve your misery.

Yeast infections are very common in women with more than 70% of the women experiencing vaginal yeast infections at some point of their lives. Many individuals suffer from the problem of knee pain. PAD or peripheral artery disease is very common to people. Welcome to Acne is a chronic skin disease that arises mainly at a younger age. Stomach flu otherwise known as gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the intestines and stomach. Belching or burping as it is called is a process of releasing gas from the digestive system, through the route of the mouth.

Fistula-in-ano or commonly know as anal fistula, is an infected tunnel between the skin and anus, at the end of digestive tract in anal opening. Many of my chronic lyme patients have come to me after they have been on repeated courses of antibiotics, with only temporary improvement. What is Diverticulitis? If you are diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis then you must have been told by the physician that this is mostly a non-curable disease. Blood clot occurs when a group of red blood cells and other components of cells stick together and block the blood flow through the veins. Garlic (Allium sativum) isn’t only a culinary herb and a vampire deterrent, but has for centuries been used as a herbal remedy. Celiac disease effects about 3,000,000 people in the United States, and it becomes more prevalent each year.

Autism strikes 2% of all U.S. Impotence is man’s inability to sustain the erection of his manhood. There is no doubt that antibiotics are truly a wonder of modern medicine. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is relatively easy to treat,1 so if you or someone you know is diagnosed with it, you can recover from the disease, provided you take the necessary measures. We are all too familiar with the term ‘piles’ even if we do not have them. Garlic extracts were a popular treatment for warts before modern medicine, according to An Armamentarium of Wart Treatments by Michelle M. Lightly cook together in a little water until soft.

WHAT IS ALLICIN? Bird flu was found mainly in birds, especially chickens, till the early 1990s. Jim has an elevated coronary calcium score in the 95% percentile indicating high risk for future heart attack. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. 5 of the BEST tasting and Easy to make Healthy Detox Smoothie Recipes that will help you with your healthier eating goal this year! The single most common reason for the prescription of antibiotics in children is ear infections, and these infections also arise from time to time in what appears to be healthy adults. Study finds raw milk boosts immunity, prevents colds and infections – The U.S.