700WLW in White Trash Cincy has contest to “Win Tony LaRussa Shingles”

Apparently he has been suffering from the condition since early April and his right eye has had significant pain along with discoloration that has since gone away, now he is hoping to rest and help take away any discomfort that still ails him. Brewers star Ryan Braun was plunked in Milwaukee’s next at-bat. I was fully prepared to throw another hissy fit about how bad the offense looks; perching myself on the precipice of dejection. La Russa appeared to briefly engage in some banter after Tuesday’s win, then called the fans “idiots” in comments after a game in which Albert Pujols was hit with a high pitch in the seventh inning. St. The manager of the Cardinals, A’s, and White Sox, always believed that you had to essentially retaliate, even though you know that Caminero wasn’t trying to hit Segura. He’s also one of two managers, along with Billy Southworth, to win two World Series titles with the Cardinals.

I was fully prepared to throw another hissy fit about how bad the offense looks; perching myself on the precipice of dejection. He was friends with Lou Piniella. La Russa said that he’d made his decision to retire in August, informing general manager John Mozeliak at that time, and had been leaning that way since even earlier in the season. in August. St. Through all manner of obvious and not-so-obvious behavior, the 66-year-old manager steadfastly refused to act his age and baseball was always his eternal fountain of youth. La Russa rejoined the Cardinals after missing six games to be treated for shingles.

Baseball-Reference.com and other sources give LaRussa credit for managing the entire 2011 season, though he missed a bit with a case of the shingles, and that bit included a three-game series against the Reds. The ball they tried to throw on Pujols was aimed right where they aimed it. “One Last Strike,” which La Russa wrote with Rick Hummel, is scheduled for release Sept. When you are a winning team, and other teams consistently come in and out of being competitive, you tend to create animosity with other organizations during those stints. It’s a phrase I use, meant as a joke. Brian Wilson got his first save of the season. And he did insist that had Braun dodged the second attempt to throw inside on him the matter would have been over.

Mozeliak said he has put together contingencies in case La Russa’s absence becomes an extended leave, but he stopped short of specifying what they may be. Which is good because it fits really well into our current format. Sometimes with illness, we have to look at the environment. Good question, lets get the list with vote totals, which were pulled from the slideshow captions. They began a four-game homestand Monday night with the first of two games against the Philadelphia Phillies. After experiencing significant improvement the past week, La Russa admitted his progress had at least temporarily “plateaued.” He intends to seek a follow-up exam in St. But also, genius.

Columnist E.J. How did you do yesterday? La Russa rode atop the iconic red wagon pulled by the horses. It started in Miami on Monday when fans attending a practice at Dolphins’ stadium booed Chad Henne after the much-maligned quarterback made some bad throws. He spent the entire 1970 season with the big club, and then late in 1971 the A’s traded him to the Atlanta Braves. It’s hard to quantify what LaRussa meant for baseball in St. The thought of keeping up that pace through an entire baseball season combined with deadlines, hectic travel schedules, game notes, pre- and post-game interviews plus the real-life pressure of it being your JOB to rapidly condense it all into timely, informative and entertaining samplers for the hungry baseball masses… and I’m quite content sticking to this blogging thing where we do it for the love of the game.

His elitism mixed with overly broad stereotypes and disdain for any passionate sports fan living between the East and West coast makes his radio show unbearable for most of the country. The Cards were down to their last strike twice in game 6 Thursday at Busch Stadium, but David Freese put the Redbirds in a game 7 situation on Friday that the Cardinals won 6-2 to capture their 11th title. • The Red Wings are one step closer to becoming just the fourth team in NHL history to come back from a 3-0 series deficit after last night’s 3-1 win over the Sharks in Game 6. Louis Chapter of Baseball Writers’ Association of America though you may know them as SLCOBWAOA. “And then he yells at people. But on the day before Game 1 of National League Championship Series, you expected everyone to be on their best behavior. Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina and Reds first baseman Joey Votto look on at right.