2010 Astra VXR (Saturn Astra Redline?)

My VXR is brand new, so surely my water pump is not already stuffed? There are plenty of handleing packs for the Monaro VXR which can turn it into an excellent handleing car. You can get other kits for cheaper money but that’s entirely your choice. For now, that is. Remove the metal panel whichever way you like – I used the pliers bending the tab trick to remove the rivet as the sodding thing kept spinning when I tried to drill it out. There are some very accomplished and knowledgeable people on the forum with many impressive engine projects. I do also like the look of the Mazda 3’s .

You may want to check out a guy called G Man on the AOC (Astra Owners Club) forum, he has sourced quite a few VXR engines for people, some almost new, and fitted them. It’s official. We’re running around 295 bhp with the stage 3 on a daft experimantal map and its the addition of the larger intercooler which allows us to run higher boost without risk of det etc but the stage 3 remaps will be a little lower than than this for safety’s sake. As a result, the number was increased to 3,000 and these had sold out after only four months. This is BS! All the chrome-backing ones you posted look nothing like the ’06s. USB interface for connection to PC(Included), Software Read / Clear Diagnose DTC Trouble Codes / Check engine Lights with ease.

Now that IS nice. When you do find the limit it’s at the front, the Insignia behaving like a safe, well-set up front-driver. Do you have that information? So please, add some more GM products to the game. The 1.6-liter turbo-four comes standard here as the only engine and produces 167 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque to propel the spritely Astra around Aussie roads. I am just worried that this is a great car to miss, but also I will lose badly on it as its not much cheaper than a new(pre-reg) model. Yeah, the engines do come from OZ so that part of the Viva is probably the best part of them.

The clincher for me was “We would never sell a similar car with refurbished wheels like this”. “Holden will do what it needs to do to satisfy its customers. Anybody? But if you take it to a VW specialist (and there’s plenty of excellent ones around), then the cost of service and repairs is usually no more than a Holden dealer service. After the impressive spectacle of the 2012 Dunlop 24H DUBAI the team is ready to bring a visit to world’s largest island and world’s smallest continent, Australia. Makes the car have such good power from the whole rev range. They both had uprated intercooling / boost cooling set ups so the air temps that were recorded were also consistent.

Whatever the specific reason for poor lubrication quality happens to be, I agree, proper lubrication is the issue, but the sky is not falling. I must admit to feeling a bit of a plonker, but with the exception of my Jensen, which has been off the road for a few years now, the last time I had a car that was opened/closed using a key, was 12 years agh well, live & learn. yea, i knew that, just didn’t know in EU they put a lamp there. However the new Mazda 3 sedan is alot bigger than the old Vecce B…having checked them out, it even seems bigger in height and width than the previous Mazda 6… At low speeds, it is as smooth and nice as pie as you could want. I have had four Astra`s and my girlfriend has had one. If you have an ‘R8 and have gone for either b) or c) I’d love to see any piccies you have!

Cool vids, thanks for sharing. My gues was the guy in the R8 just dudded the start. Price: From $34,990 For: Impressive technology, balanced ride and handling, comfortable. Coming Soon” quote on the HSV site refers to? Stu Harris……… thanks [QUOTE=BJUmholtz;1515984]IRL, you must at least have the 6 speed trans. Hence why there’s no more blue one’s left, they’re the ones that go first.

HSV Want to grow there Business. The vehicle is now booked in for a strip down of the timing cover as it seems to be coming from there. Well the new Opel (Vauxhall) Astra VXR should be heading our way soon and will be an Opel, not a Holden. Thanks for the great web site. if the weather clears up i might take it down to wollongong on the weekend to burn of the wax on it. Test Model: 2007 HSV VXR Turbo with six-speed manual transmission driving through the front wheels.